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Well if you do wear them all the time even around in a town with pants on, and don't wear girls underwear, then maybe. but if you just wear them around the house, then its cool. i do that too. and im a girl. there pretty darn comfty!

I think that is not right, I'm a boy and i wear boxers it scares me to think that girls wears boys clothing.

-Are you breaking some law of the universe by wearing them? Of course not. 'Norms' are completely arbitrary. Wear what you want

- I would say wearing them is just fine. I'm a guy and I like to wear girls underwear, which I think that it is different than a girl wearing boxers. yeah, its fine :P

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 20:49:53
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Q: I am a girl and i am wearing boys boxers is this normal?
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