I am a girl who has feelings for another girl but she has a boyfriend but i think she likes me...how do i find out without asking her?

you should start friendship with her boy friend's friend and interaction will be more ,than start working on goal under cover .

Girls don't love other girls. the creator who create us all made man and woman to unite together. a woman is the missing part of a man therefore womwan and men should stay with each other to enjoy life with God's blessing.

if you fall in love with another girl you must be out of your mind because gils don't have what other gils need from a male.

Of course it is okay to fall in love with another girl. Don't listen to the answer above me. Love is love. My personal strategy would be to have her over for a sleepover (if you are good friends with her) then, of course play Truth or Dare. When she chooses truth, ask if she's ever considered being gay. That'll get you somewhere. If you're not good friends, I suggest doing the above:)