I am a thirteen year old girl and I'm in love with a fifteen year old boy?

well i like a fifteen year old boy or it could be the other way round like a fifteen year old liking a thirteen year old girl what difference does it make nothing the person i love he lives in bakewell i dought he loves me back but when i saw him my life changed,i love him i know that hes the one i want to be with,he doesn't know that i like him but every time i see him his smile and his eyes just light up the room or where ever i am he has beaten all the boys i liked my name is L.M I live in Chapel i like him i no I'll always dream and think of him its ok u think about u know if u love some one don't let any 1 change your mind people try do it to me but i just ignore and i say whatever cause i know i like him he maybe older or what but he's the love of my life the key to my heart I'll never love any one like i loved him. P.S if you truly love some one you won't let any one get in your way of loving some one know ones done it to me yet but if they do i have my words good luck!!.