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It depends on how far along you are with the AAS, and there are other issues to consider. Below are some reasons why students prefer to start with an associate degree.

  • Community colleges are less expensive to start out with. You can cut the cost of a four year degree almost in half by starting at a community college first, and then transferring to four year college or university to finish up the last two years.
  • There are typically smaller classroom sizes at the community college with a better professor to student ratio, which means more individualized attention.
  • Some students do not meet the entrance requirements of the four year college or university, thus they start at the community college first, then transfer later.
  • The community colleges are typically more family oriented, with a strong sense of community.
  • Some students like to be close to home, thus they start at their home county community college.
  • Some careers only require an associates degree.

The one thing I am concerned about, is the fact you indicate your working on an associate of applied science (AAS), degree. Not all programs under this degree type transfer well to four year colleges and universities. Make sure you meet with the transfer counselor at the school you attend for detailed information. If you intend to transfer to pursue a bachelor's degree, then you want to make sure your program of study (major) transfers well.

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Q: I am attending a community college and I can either complete the transfer degree or go straight to the BA. Is it better to get the AAS then continue to the BA or go straight to the BA?
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