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You have to rethink your position and do what is in your best interest and best for you. A relationship is give and take not a one way street and you deserve to have what you give.

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How can one develop love for someone?

Love is an action word, not a feeling. You love someone by caring for them, putting their needs before your needs. So you can choose to love someone. Conversely you can say that you love someone and place yourself fist and in reality you don't love them. Get to know the person that you are choosing to love. See what they like and don't like. What are their needs? Then work patiently to meet those needs. Be there for them. Don't expect anything in return. The result, you will begin to develop feelings for this person, and over time, they will return your love. People always respond to love freely given.

How can you get Zayn Malik to fall in love with you?

No. You can't "make" someone fall in love with you and you will never meet him to even get the chance. Meet someone who you can get to know, date, and love.

When is love felt?

when you meet someone that you fell that will care for you love you and will always be with you.

How do Japanese people meet their basic needs for food?

i love you

When should someone fall in love?

when you meet someone you like LOVE and you'll know your in love because you'll never want to leave them ever and that's when your in love

What does love of a lifetime mean?

Your love of life time means someone you love your whole life time. Someone that you will love forever.A love is a feeling of our heart and the meaaning of the love for lifetime is that ti whom you like and live with him or her for whole life and love him or her like first time. Answer It means a love like no other. Sometimes we meet people and can love them on various levels, like love as a friend, love someone as a person, love someone romantically. Then there is the love of a lifetime - that's when you meet someone that is your true love, the person who you know you are meant to be with, the love that is so different from anything you have known before, a love that cannot be replaced by anyone else ever. You will love this person always. When you meet your love of a lifetime, you cannot just love someone instead if you cannot be with that person. This kind of love is irreplaceable. Many people do not meet their love of a lifetime. It is a very special, unique kind of love.

What is a good love song about sneaking out to meet someone?

I'm not exactly sure there's a song out there in which you can find your exact meaning, but I can tell you this. The song, "Love Song," by Sara Bareilles is an excellent song no matter what your needs are.

Who is a good customer?

A good customer is someone that relies on the business to meet their needs.

Who needs your love?

only give your love to someone you trust inside out! Answer The one that loves you and the one you love.

What are some characteristics of love?

Love has a variety of characteristics. Love is when someone would put the other person first, it see the beauty of the persons soul, and it is when someone feels they needs someone.

A character in a story that already has his or her physiological and safety needs met would most likely?

look to meet their needs of love or esteem

You are in love with Tim Lincecum you just want to meet him Does someone know him out there?

yes...... i do

How can you get to go out with the Jonas Brothers?

Someone needs to know the Jonas Brothers that you know to meet them. If you go to one of their concerts and want to get a meet and greet, you need to know someone who knows or works for the Jonas Brothers to meet and talk to them.

What do you do when you love someone but you don't want to meet up because you don't like your appearance?

Meet up and you will begin to like them for what they are.

What do you do if your man loves you but you know he likes someone else?

you go to her house. meet her , tell her he loves you and she needs to find someone else

What inspires love?

attraction attraction beasuse if you meet someone and love them it is called love at first sight you feel like you are attracted to the person.

How to tell if you love some u never met?

You cant love someone you've never meet. You can be interested but not in love. Love isn't instant it has to grow,

Will you love him forever?

Not if you meet someone else, or if he does something big enough to hurt you forever.

What should you do if a guy loves you instead tells he dont?

You can't make someone love you, so if he states he doesn't then he doesn't. I would move on and meet someone who will love me.

How did the Algonquin meet their needs in winter?

How did the Algonquin meet their needs in winter?

How do plant meet there needs?

Plants meet their needs by adapting to their surroundings.

What are three mental needs that someone must have to survive?

Courage, Determination and Love!

Help im in love?

Sorry, you are on your own. Remember this, if you really love someone, then you will put their needs above your own.

How do the Inuit people meet their basic needs?

they meet their basic needs by founding them

How did people meet there needs in Sparta?

people meet their needs in Sparta by working.

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