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I am looking to import various coloured skinny leg jeans from Thailand or China does anyone know any decent suppliers and how much each garment would cost?


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June 26, 2010 1:42AM

I know many many suppliers in China that are much more than decent, but the term "supplier" encompasses a vast variety of individuals and businesses.

It depends on the specific details of the garments you are seeking to import and how flexible you are when it comes to styles, color, sizing charts, material, etc., for one to be able to determine the type of supplier you will need. The type of supplier will dictate the FOB Price per unit as well as the MOQ.

If you are quite flexible and simply want denim jeans original manufactured for the U.S. market You can look to a trading company or perhaps a sourcing firm and and find jeans starting in the range of USD$3.00-USD$5.00 and are sometimes able to order as little as 100 units. . If you are looking for a specific design, style, colors, etc. you will ned to go to a manufacturing organization. and the price may be a bit higher. (It usually is for manufactured items as opposed to stock inventory) and the Minimum Order Quantity would be greater, usually at least 2,000 units with a minimum color quantity of 1,000 unit.