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This is not a panic situtation. You don't mention your overall grade in the class, but since you are upset over a "B" I am apt to think you have an "A". The "B" may bring this down just a bit, but not much. If you have a copy of your test with your answers go through it and find the right answers. When you study you may want to do an outline as you read the book with the main ideas/details of the chapter. This is really true when it is a subject that you have a harder time with. Talk with your teacher about the grade. I once got a D on a test in a college class and went to the instructor. He was surprised I got such a bad grade because as he stated he knew I knew the information since I had taken an active part in the class, so he turned around and gave me a B on the test. I have also done this for students in my classes. Another thing to help you is to look over the end of the chapter questions. Teachers often use them on tests. This is something I have done. I will take the question and rewrite it a bit for the test. The whole idea of a test is to see if you have learned the information. I think you have a good "handle" on school and seem like a good student, but feel free to use any of the things I have suggested to help you in school.

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Q: I am normally a really good student but i just flunked a science test i'm thinking of applying to a specialty center right now i have a B in science my 1st B ever can anyone help me improve?
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