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You know that all depends, I have golden dollars with both Ulysses S. Grant and Abraham Lincoln

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When did they come up with the us dollar coin?

The first US dollar coin was made in 1794.

When was the dollar coin invented?

The first US Dollar coin was minted in 1794.

US dollar 2009 presidential coin?

It's a circulating coin, a dollar

What does the first us dollar coin cost?

Please rephrase question. if you mean "How much did the first US dollar coin cost?" the answer is exactly a Dollar!

What is the value of a fifty dollar 1940 US gold coin?

There was no fifty dollar US gold coin produced in 1940.

Value of 1972 us dollar coin?

value of 1972 u s a dollar coin

What is the value of a us two dollar coin?

Check that coin again. The U.S. has never minted a two dollar coin.

1797 silver dollar?

A US dollar coin dated 1797 is a Draped Bust dollar. If you actually have a dollar coin dated 1797, take it to a coin dealer for an accurate assessment. The coin is rare.

1924 dollar coin?

US 1924 one dollar coin is a Peace dollar. It is worth on average about $25-30

What is the value of a 1971 Kennedy US 1 Dollar coin?

The US has never made a one dollar coin with JFK on it. If it is a dollar coin with the date of 1971 the portrait is of Eisenhower. Post new question.

Was there a US dollar coin in 1962?

No. The US dollar coin production was suspended after the 1935 minting year ended and did not resume until 1971 with the introduction of the Eisenhower Dollar.

What the value of 1845 gold 5 dollar coin?

value of 1845 us five dollar coin

What is the biggest coin in the US and its worth?

the biggest is the dollar coin and like its name it's worth a dollar

Who is the famous figure on the us dollar coin?

It depends on which dollar coin you mean, post new question

Value of 1825 us one dollar coin?

Please check the coin again no US one dollar coins were made in 1825, it's likely a Half Dollar coin. Post new question.

Who is on the US dollar coin?

which coin and for what year? please be more spacific

What is the value of a 1967 American one dollar coin?

Look at the back of the coin for "HALF DOLLAR" no US dollar coins were struck after 1935.

What is the value of year 2000 US dollar coin?

It's a common dollar coin that's face value

Is there a one dollar us gold 1898 coin?

No, the last 1 dollar gold coin was made in 1889.

What is the value of a 1756 dollar coin?

Check that coin again. There was no such thing as a US dollar (or the United States) in 1756.

Which lady is on the back of a US one dollar coin?

The US has never made a one dollar coin with a "Lady" on the back. Miss Liberty appeared on the FRONT of all US dollar coins from 1794 to 1935.

Where can you find the history of the 1946 dollar coin?

If you mean a US dollar coin dated 1946 it doesn't exist. It appears that US minting of dollar coins was suspended from 1936 until 1971 with the Eisenhower dollar.

What is the value 1 Canadian coin dollar?

The Canadian dollar coin is worth one Canadian dollar. That is, at this writing, slightly less than one US dollar.

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