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By default the computer boots the XP installation on the Master hard disk. If you need to access the slave system change slave to master.

2007-01-14 08:26:13
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How do you get others password from a yahoo account?

Ask them for it.

What is a members username and password?

A username is the name you use for various web based communication and games which others can see. A password is the secret word or phrase, known only to you, to gain access to your account.

What are the dangers of having a email account?

If you give your email account and password to others, then they can get to your mail or facebook and cyberbully.

Who wants to share your stardoll?

share my stardoll - username - carlalouise98 password - carla98 please dont change the password so i and others can still access it

How can you keep your deviantart account from being hacked?

Same as others never reveal a hint of your password

What is mimo's Password on clubpenguin?

mimo's password is kind of hacking into her account and thats bad. im sure you will tell her password to others and yet ban her! well if you promise not to ban her then sure here is her account information! username: mimo (and the other numbers i forgot) password: ******** lol very sorry it is : Mimo rules! have fun and happy77's password is clubpenguin hope you enjoyed! thanks!

Can others see Encrypted information?

They will be able to see that it exists, but they will not be able to access it unless they know the decryption password or do a "brute-force" attack on it, by having a program test every possible password.

Can others read your email?

Yes it is possible for others to read your email. This can happen if someone hacks your email account or your employer can also access and read them.

People on xbox live are telling others they will give them free points if they give them there password and email is this illegal if you give them this info and they steal your account?

No because its your responsability to keep your password and email a secret.

Do you need to pay for hulu?

It depends. Certain episodes and series are free, but you may have to have a hulu account to access others, and getting an account may cost money.

Can facebook inbox be accessed by others?

nope, only if another person has the email and password to log into your account they cannot see your inbox messages.

Need to recover lost password to a Hotmail email account?

1.useMSN Messenger Password Recovery enables you to recover your lost emai password and MSN password. i also use to hack others password too if you use wifi. download it from: 2.go to forgot my password butMSN Password Finder you need to remember your answer 3.learn how to hack and recover your own password

What is pumpchkin's password from Movie Star Planet?

How about you make your own moviestarplanet account and stop trying to hack others P.s- Add me Jade@1234

What type of security should I use for this access point to avoid other people accessing my files?

In order to avoid others accessing your files and keeping your information secure you need to make sure that your system and router are password protected. This way others are not able to access your information.

Is there any way to find the password for someone elses aemail account?

Criminals and fraudsters presumably have ways of hacking into others' accounts (including yours) but there is no legitimate way of discovering someone else's password, short of asking for it!

Can you have free graboid accounts?

please use sparingly dont abouse!! first account is : hellnohaha password is: 1234 second: hellnohaha1 password is: 1234 third: hellnohaha2 password is: 1234 foruth: hellnohaha3 password is: 1234 out of curtisy for others please use only one, Thank you Posted and accounts made by Robert Anderson

What happens if you make an account using twitter?

You are asked to provide a username, password and your email address. Then, when you log in, you can tweet and "follow" people as well as being "followed" by others.

Can you barrow someone webkinz deluxe membership account just send you the username and password and you promise on your mother mistys life you will not change the password?

Everyone in Webkinz are all encouraged not to share they're accounts for lots of reasons. Here's some reasons why: 1. They might hurt your pets such as making them unhappy, unhealthy, hungry and making them get sick 2. They might sell stuff 3. They might waste your money 4. They might delete your friends on your friends list 5. Even though if you tell your friends your account and they promised to not hurt it, they might tell others and you'll never know who ended up with your password! 6. They could change the password So if you want to tell someone your account, make sure they won't tell others the password and they won't hurt your account.

What is troian bellisarios Instagram password?

Troian Bellisarious does not give their Instagram password to others.

Why can recovery questions and answers be changed in runescape without using existing recovery questions and answers?

Recovery Questions are made to allow getting your account back more easy. If you were to answer the answers to your previous recovery questions, especially if your password was recently changed, and the access IP of your account was different than normal at the time it was changed, your Recovery Questions will still allow you to get your account back. ________________________________________________________________________ does it mean if they have your password they can change your recovery questions and answers without knowing the question and answers? thanks a lot, before i thought if others have your password they could get your account. ________________________________________________________________________ Yes, however, this is for good purpose and it works just fine: For example Your account gets hacked, the hacker changes the password then the recovery questions You go, try to log in, and fail You go to recover account You put in the recovery questions and password from right before he hacked you, as well as any other information you can (this is why knowing your old passwords is important) The game will not, at this point automatically give your account back, however the system registers that your answers would have worked previously A Jagex Moderator surveys your answers and etc, then looks at your account, he finds that YOUR PASSWORD AND QUESTIONS WERE CHANGED ON A DIFFERENT IP ADDRESS THAN YOUR NORMAL ONE, as well as the account has only been played on that other IP address since then Your account gets returned to you Hacker's IP is monitored, and his account history is checked, if he did anything that could have been bad, he may easily get banned (or any account which regularly plays on the IP)

How do you know the Gmail password of others?


Protect Your Account Online?

As more people discover the ease and convenience of internet banking, many are turning to having online banking accounts to manage their personal finances. Online banking accounts let you see all of your transactions, pay bills, and transfer money between various accounts. Because of the sensitivity of the data, you need to do everything you can to protect the security of your account online and your hard earned money. One of the first things that you should do to protect your account when accessing it online is to create a difficult password. Many people have their passwords stolen because they have made them too easy. For example, the most common password in the world is 123456, which will be the first guess of any potential thief. Banks have made password requirements more stringent in recent years however, so you should take advantage of this. Most banks require a combination of letter and numbers of at least eight characters in length to serve as a valid password. Others go farther and make the passwords case sensitive. You should make your account password easy to remember, but difficult to figure out. Don't put any parts of your name or address into the password or any other information that may be easy to guess. Also, banks are adding extra layers of protection in order to access an account online. For example, many banks will ask you to answer a series of questions when you set up your account online initially. These may ask things like your mother's middle name, the name of your pet, or the school that you attended. These answers are then stored and may be asked as questions for you to answer when you try to log into your account online. You should never write down your password or give it to anyone. Criminals will often try to trick you into giving them your account information and password. One common tactic is called phishing. Criminals will send you an email that looks like it is from your bank. The email will typically ask you to confirm your personal information and password by going to a website or by responding in the email. These letters are scams and should be deleted immediately. No real bank will ever ask you for your account information or your password. Finally, be aware of where you access your account. Never use a public computer like at a library or internet cafe to access your online account. These terminals are not secure enough and are used by dozens of people each day, which can put you at risk. If there is an emergency and you absolutely have to use a public computer to access your account online, make sure that the connection is secure and that you log out of your account and delete your browsing history so that people using the computer after you will not be able to log into your account or see that you were accessing it from that computer.

Can you access Yahoo without using a URL?

You could forward your Yahoo mail to another webmail account that you can access (AOL, Gmail, Hotmail and many others). In this way you can get your mail without having to go to yahoo.

How can you delete your orkut account from others account?

you can't!!!!

What if use an iTunes account and buy a mac?

You can enable itunes to share its account with others. Open the itunes in the mac, and it should find your library. Drag all of the songs into your library, and it may tell you that you do not have permission. Enter your password, and you have your library in your mac now.