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You cant actually you cant get a dragon amulet for free. There is no way the DragonFable staff would create a way to get a dragon amulet for free especially not battling the doom kitten 200 time if you want to waste your time killing it 200 times and find out for your self be my guest.........

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Q: I can't get a dragon amulet by killing doom kitten 200 times how can i get a dragon amulet free?
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Can i get the free dragon amulet by killing doomkitten 200 times in Dragon Fable?

No you cannot.

How do you get a free dragon amulet without killing doomkitten 200 times in dragonfable?

Well to be honest there is no real way of getting a Dragon Amulet without paying (or hacking)

How do you het dragon amulet and dragon coins without WPE PRO?

If you beat doom kitten 400 times u will get a dragon amulet i herd abt it and did it and i even got 1 be sure to keep track somethimes it works on 200 times

Is it real that if you kill the Doom kitten 200 times you get a free dragon amulet?

No this is just a rumor sorry for whoever asked this question

Can you get a free dragon amulet if you kill doomkitten 200 times?

No, you will never get a free Dragon Amulet.

How dragon amulet with out killing doomkitten 200 times?

you willl have to buy it with USDs but u can get a temporary one by hacking with wpe pro

How you get free dragon amulet?

Kill Doomkitten 200 Times in Warlic's Dragon Egg Quests

How do you get a free dragon amulet?

1.Kill doomkitten 200 times

How many times do you have to kill the doomkitten to get a dragon amulet?

0 as it does not work.

Does taking on the Doomkitten in Dragonfable 200 times earn you a Dragon Amulet?


Can you really get a free dragon amulet by doing a bacon quest 15 times?


How do you get a free dragon lord armor in Dragon Fable?

well i don't know that but i know that you can get a free dragon amulet by defeating Sepulture 1000 times

How do i get a free dragon amulet on dragon fable for free without downloading or giving your email away?

kill doomkitty 200 times

Can you really get a dragon amulet if you defeat the doom kitty 200 times?

no of course not wich idiot is going to beat him 200 times?!!?!

Do you only have to pay once for a dragon amulet Dragon Fable?

Yes, only once but there is supposedly a way to get it for free... complete the summoning in the dragon egg saga 200 times.

How can you get the dragon amulet for free?

There is no way to get a free dragon AmuletI am afraid that's impossible unless you use a cheat engine but that is likely to result in losing your account.I dont know if this is true or not but apparently if you beat the doomkitten 200 times you get one. If it works it should say 'you obtained a dragon amulet'.

Cheat to get gold on dragonfable?

For dragon amulet owner's only battle gorgok lots of times he gives 400 gold and 2000 experience.

How can I keep track of how many times i kill doomkitten and is the rumor really true that if you kill doomkitten 200 times you get free dragon amulet?

No,i don't think it is true.Just a trick for low levels.Just buy the amulet ,beleive me,it's worth it.(I wouldn't keep trying cause your gonna be mad when you notice it doesn't work)

Where can you get bone mace in aq?

u can find it by killing red dragon lots of times. it is really hard to get so be patient

How do you get a dragon amulet without spending any real money?

You cant i have defeated the doomkitten 400 times and its not happening the only way is to buy it or just get a trainer in hope this helps....

How can you get a dragon amulet for free?

If you want a dragon amulet for free,u can but takes hard work,1,go to valencia at the right side of falconreach before you reach sandsea and do the bacon quest 15 times or you can earn it by defeating doomkitten 200 times bacon;s easier and another thing-b 4 u do doomkitten quest finish valencia and robina's quest and invite artix in amytival and invite valencia befor u do those 2 quests

In dragonfable is it true that if you beat the doomkitten 200 times you will get an amulet Has anyone tried that before please tell me what happened?

Unfortunately, this is false as of now there is only one way to obtain an amulet and that is by paying real world currency for it. Although I have not tried to defeat the doomkitten two hundred times, I can assure you that no matter how many times you beat it you will not receive an amulet.

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How much to feed an 8 week old kitten?

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How can you breed storm dragon in Dragon City?

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