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Q: Can you really get a free dragon amulet by doing a bacon quest 15 times?
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How do you get one chickencow armor in dragonfable?

well i found it when doing the "late shipment" quest and it is a very rare drop. (or dragon amulet) you could also finish all of the "bacon origen" quests and do the armor merge shop, u need the first chickencow armor for evalvedcichencow armor, or buy it at Cysero's shop for 45 dragon coins. or evolvedcichencow armor for 500 dragon coins. I hope this helps you.

Where do you get a bacon sword in dragonfable?

Go to valencia's zone and do the quest bacon origin do the search begins and keep doing it until your quest reward is bacon mace

Can you not be on the dragon on the game lair?

No only when you do takedown but when doing it you will be on a other dragon.

Dragonfable how to unlock xan saga?

Its easy really all you have to do is gether 10 elemetal essences (they can be found from doing the quests from warlic)then click on other quests.Once u done that go on save lymcrest then u should see river of fire click on that and there u go u have the quest:3(btw u need a dragon amulet) Good luck have fun :3

Did Kevin Bacon have an accident in Australia?

No it was a false allegation he is in Atlanta right now doing a film

What kind of drugs were nofx doing in Singapore?

green dragon

How do you get the dragon egg on Dragonfable without doing quests?

It is not possible.

What ecosystem does the Komodo Dragon live in?

i dont know you should tell me because i am doing a project on the komodo dragon

How do you a legend dragon in Dragon City?

well to get legendary dragon or legendary dragons (which is different) you need to breed hybrid rares i reccomend doing gummy and coolfire.

How do you get visitors on DragonVale?

What I did was covered the hole island in path and as I got dragon habitats I put them on the path.(you will get your money back.) I got about 200 visitors by doing it. I really hope this helped.

How is Bruno Mars doing?

he is doing really good

How do you get a ice scale without doing any quests on dragon fable?

There is no way to get them without doing any questions.

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