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Talk to her about your feelings and hope she will tell you how she feels.

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Did John Stamos marry Lori Loughlin in real life?

No they didn't get married but they are very good friends .But they had dated for 4 months before and still somethimes go to eat together

Can you go back to a guy you dated before?

sure u can!! if he still likes u1!

Did usher and Alicia Keys date?

yes they did if you look in the video my boo they dated and of course kissed at the end so they dated a few months or weeks but by now they broke up but are still friends

Can you help you dated a guy for 3 months off and on and you just broke up a week ago and you still love him?

It's normal.

Is inga the one who dated Hitler still alive?

Eva Braun dated Hitler while he was still alive.

Will a girl ever care how many girls you have dated before her?

It depends if you are still friends with all your ex's (if you are, then she might get jealous)

What happens when your fairy dies in pixie hollow?

Your fairy disappears after a few months of in-activity. However nothing happens. Your account is still the same as before, you just have to create another fairy.

You are going to go out with your ex boyfriend but you last dated him a year and a half ago and you want advice Thanks?

We brioke up because he cheated- we went out for 6 months before, still dunno if i trust him, do really love him still and weve remained friends after the break up but dont want to loose friendship.

Should you ask a girl you like out twice?

I first asked this girl out that i liked almost one year ago (i was friends with her before), and she told me "sorry, but i only like you as a friend". We still remained friends after and it seemed we became better friends. Background Info: Before i asked her out, we were friends for a couple of years before and a few weeks before i tried to ask her out, i asked her to a slow dance and she said yes. So that motivated me to ask her out. A couple months after she said that she liked me as a friend, i dated another girl for a few months but then broke up with her. Its been a couple months from that now. I still like her (the original girl) now and its been almost a year, should i ask her out again? Thank You For Any Help :) PS. Im in highschool (if that effects the question at all :P)

What do you do if you still love your ex boyfriend and he moved on and dated another girl?

Don't feel sorry for yourself, you'll survive, get back into the social scene and something else will come along, you will see, maybe better than before.

When did Emma Watson break up with jay barrymore?

They are still going out - they have been for 18 months. He apparently proposed to her before she arrived at Brown University as he was afraid she would meet another guy.

If you dated a girl and she broke up with you for another girl because she was scared you were in love with someone else but you are still in love with her what should you do?

kill her kill her

Why might your period be irregular for the past three months when you were on the Depo-Provera shot for a year and a half with no period at all?

your body is still adjusting to the hormones that are from the Depo shot. It takes 3 months minimum for all the hormones to leave your body just as it is when you are still on Depo and have to have another shot every three months. Give it another 2 - 6 months to go back to normal.

How do earn money fast for the PS4?

You still have 6 months to earn the money before the end of the year

When was the harpsichord used?

Harpsichords have dated back to before the 1500's and are still used today. They aren't as popular anymore since the piano was invented.

Has rihanna and Jay-Z dated before?

Yes, they were dating right after the video umbrella, He also slept with her. Even though he still was with beyonce.

What is a copper penny worth today?

Any US cent dated 1982 and before is mostly copper, billions are still in circulation and are face value.

Who did Selena Gomez date before Justin Bieber?

She was a Lesbian before she dated Justin Bieber, will I wouldn't say "was" because shes still dating Justin Bieber, She dated Demi Lovato.IMPROVE:She was actually rumored Demi is just her BFF Selena did some experimenting but she was never a lesbian

How does one get over an ex-girlfriend that cheated on oneself?

To clarify, we dated for almost two years. She went out with this other guy one day before we broke up (date: Jan. 14; break up: Jan. 15). I only found out three months into their relationship that she cheated on me. She is still with the guy to this day, and I still have strong feelings for the girl.

So this girl i like said Its me not you we dated on and off but after last weekend she kissed another guy and then I caught her saying I love you before she edited it away all still after the weekend?

If a girl said it's me, not you and then kissed another guy then she isn't sure about her feelings for you. You should stay away until she is or you are going to get hurt.

Who has Jack Black dated?

Jack Black dated actress and comedian Laura Knighlinger from 1997 until 2005. Then in 2006 he married a girl called Tanya Haden and had 1 kid. Now they are still married and another kid is on the way

Did marques Houston and singer Aaliyah date?

In 1995, after Aaliyah and R Kelly's locked tight marriage was annulled by her parents, they did actually date. But they dated for only 3 months before they split. She kept this part of her career secret, because she was still getting heavy rap for being married to R Kelly the year before when she was only 15.

Are batista and Melina married or dating?

Neither,They dated before but they never got married.I don't think there still together I think they broke up I heard Batista dated kelly kelly as well go to for more info about that.

Are miley an Emily still friends since Emily dated Cody linley?

Yes, Miley and Emily are still friends since Emily dated Cody Linley.

How many months before a puppy can be vaccinated for anti-rabies?

Never vaccinate a puppy before 6 months of age because they are still developing and could conceive and are put at risk of a illness because of youth.

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