I deleted 300 songs from my Ipod but they weren't deleted from my hard drive I want them off the hard drive Where do deleted Itunes songs go if they aren't taken off the harddrive?


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2009-02-18 02:01:59
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Do you mean you deleted them from your iTunes? If so than go to:

# My Music>Itunes>Itunes playlist>(than you go to the Artist of the song and open it, open the album, than delete the song that you want to delete(you will have to do this 300 times though(if you had only 300 songs on Itunes to begin with and deleted every single one than right click in the folder: My Music>Itunes>Itunes playlist; and then click Select All and then Delete.) If you have an iPod Touch or IPone than you might have been able to delete them straight from the phone, if so follow the same rules but delete those same songs from your ITunes playlist also.

Anyways, Why would you want to delete 300 songs from ITunes? That is about $325 worth!

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