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No. If you got a period after July, then you did not get pregnant in July.

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Can a pregnancy test tell you if done in the middle of your cycle if you are pregnant?

Typically women ovulate in the middle of their cycle. You should wait 10-14 days after ovulation to try a pregnancy test.

What are the facts about pregnancy and type o negative and type o positive parents?

When you first get pregnant your health care provider will give you a test to see if thing s need to be kept an eye on. They will probably give you Rho-gam shot in the middle of your pregnancy and one after you have the baby.

Im positive im pregnant my past few periods were late and very irregular and short.i took a pregnancy test in the middle of the day and it came out negative but i have all of the symptoms?

It sound like you need to see a doctor either, A because you are pregnant or B if you are not there is something that needs to be looked at.

What percentage of middle school girls get pregnant?

Pregnancy in middle school is rare but it happens. It is more likely to happen in high school. Three out of ten girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20.

Do you always have a period after getting pregnant I think i may have got pregnant in the middle of June. My period was due the 1st of July could that have been when i got pregnan?

Most of the time, a woman will cease to get her period after she has conceieved (gotten pregnant). If you are sexually active and have noticed a missed period for one or more months (as you indicate), you should take a pregnancy test. These can be obtained at most pharmacies. However, some women may experience light bleeding or spotting even when they are pregnant, and there have been a few cases where women have continued to experience relatively normal periods throughout their pregnancy. If you have any doubt, it's best to take a pregnancy test (I suggest taking two tests just in case the first one turns out as a false positive/negative) and find out for sure.

What can you do to relieve early pregnancy cramping?

Lie down for a whilei have little pain in my stomach middle of the overlution did iam pregnant or nit

Can you travel when pregnant?

How pregnant are you? I'd avoid going anywhere too far away from about the middle of the 8th month onwards, unless you are prepared to have Junior far from home. But I have flown and taken long car trips myself in middle pregnancy, to no ill effects.

If you started to take your birth control in the middle of the month a few weeks after your period is it possible for you to get pregnant?

Until you have had at least one full menstrual cycle on the birth control pills, you can get pregnant. You also can still get pregnant while on the pill -- they are 99.9% effective -- leaving that slight, slight chance of pregnancy.

What is the cycle of pregnancy?

pregnancy is dated 40 weeks from the date of your last period. The first day of your last period counted as day one. You usually conceive during the middle of your cycle so when you find out you are pregnant, usually when you miss you next period you are said to be 4 weeks pregnant but the fetus is only actually 2 weeks old.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if your nipples are white in the middle?

This could be a sign of pregnancy but it could also be a sign of something else, perhaps even a serious health problem. You CANNOT diagnose pregnancy for sure without a pregnancy test (either home or from a doctor/clinic) or, unfortunately, finding out months later. If you think you may be pregnant, please go see a doctor or visit a clinic.

Plz help im panicing if she will get pregnant i might have gotten sperm on my index finger i washed my hands 3 times and hand sanitised 2 then fingered her with my middel finger can she get pregnant?

I don't think that she would get pregnant because you got sperm on your index and not middle finger which you fingered her with. And if you cleaned your hands that many times then sperm still shouldn't be on your finger

What has the author Mary M Anderson written?

Mary M. Anderson has written: 'Pregnancy after thirty' -- subject(s): Childbirth in middle age, Pregnancy in middle age

What do pregnant hamsters look like?

They'll grow around the middle. Not like a human pregnancy with a bump in the stomach (although the pregnancy will show here at first) but all around; their hips and stomach both will look very bloated and if you touch it GENTLY will feel somewhat firm and bumpy.

What is the middle in the water compound is it positive or negative?

The oxygen atom is in the "middle" of the water molecule and has a slight negative charge. Refer to the related link below.

Greys anatomy Christina pregnant?

yes, Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) is pregnant and plans to have an abortion. The only people who know about the pregnancy is her and Merideth Grey(Ellen Pompeo). Christina plans to keep it this way but then feints in the O.R. where Dr. Burke (Isaiah Washington) is in the middle of surgery. She then has to tell Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) and her resident Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) about the pregnancy.

What is the pregnancy rate in middle schools?

about like 1.5 million a year worldwide and 80% in middle school

If a guy ejaculates in a girl is she for sure pregnant and its 17 days after her period?

no, it takes a lot to get a get a girl pregnant. but it is highly likely and it all depends when u have sex with a girl, like if u had sex with her right after her period then she is less likely to get pregnant, but if u had sex with her around the middle of the month, like when she ovulates... there is a vary high chance of pregnancy. no

How do you get your girl pregnant?

Ya stick your penis in the middle hole of the women. Go in and out until white stuff comes out of your penis and goes in her hole. Wait a few weeks and take a pregnancy test. Ta-daa!

Do your nipples hurt when you are in early stages of pregnancy?

There is a good chance your nipples will hurt in the beginning, middle and/or final stages of pregnancy.

What is the name of the brown line down the middle of stomach when pregnant?

The brown line that some pregnant women get down the middle of the lower abdomen is called the linea nigra.

When do you start leaking milk from your breast while pregnant?

I am at 33 weeks, and I started leaking around middle of 2nd trimester. Usually most women start to produce their milk during the last month or so of pregnancy.

Why you have a tailbone?

It is because at the early stage of pregnancy baby's have grown their tail but at the middle point of pregnancy a baby loses it's tail.

In the past two decades the US has been involved within conflicts in the Middle East Explain why you have gotten involved in these conflicts and what have the results been?

I have not gotten into any conflicts in the Middle East and therefore there are no results to be had. If the question is asking about the results of the United States' involvement in Middle Eastern conflicts, please see the Related Question below.

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