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call her first, take the initiative.

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Q: I dont want to make things awkward between me and this girl that likes me so am I supposed to call her first or let her call me first?
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Is a first kiss supposed to be awkward?

There is no rule saying it must be, but it often is as you have never done it like that before.

How do let a girl know you don't like her anymore and things are still awkward between you and her?

BE HONEST. Tell her the truth, but don't be mean about it. She may hate you at first, but she will appreciate it in the end.

How you and another person are supposed to act on a first date?

Act casual and be chatty, have a lot of different subjects in your head if it gets awkward! XD LOL

What if your friend asks you out for a week and you say yes but you're scared things might get awkward?

Well, you could always call back and say you've changed your mind, if you think that will be less awkward. (If you're scared of things "getting awkward" you probably shouldn't have said yes in the first place.)

Why is it so awkward to be around a person that you've kissed and wished you didn't?

The fact that you wish that you didn't kiss that person probably makes it awkward. A kiss, especially in a romantic (man/woman) relationship, is supposed to be special, even more so for the first one.

What are awkward and embarrassing things to post as a facebook status?

A picture of you or whoever it is of when they were a little baby in the bath or starting there first school. ;)

What to do if the first kiss was awkward?

First kisses are always awkward. By the time you have had a dozen kisses, you won't remember the first one any more.

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Is this an awkward first kiss he pulled me in and i didnt know what he was doing so i steped back and then i was like oh hes trying to kiss me so i went up and kissed him is thay awkward?

It's not awkward for one to kiss you as a first kiss and then you kiss back.

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