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The persistent feeling of tiredness can be caused by many things. Your situation could be as severe as a mild case of narcolepsy, or as mild as tossing and turning in bed so much that you have lost sleep.

Other possibilities include sleep apnea, sleep deprivation, insomnia and even depression.

Evaluate your sleep schedule as well as your bedding. To maximize energy replenishment, try going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning. Do this on your days off from work or school as well. Also be sure that you get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep, no more and hopefully no less.

Clean linens and blankets will aid in comfort, as well as wearing comfortable clothing while asleep.

Elevating your legs while sleeping will slow down your heart-rate, which can save energy as you sleep making re-energizing more efficient.

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Q: I feel very sleepy all the time what to do?
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I feel tierd and sleepy all the time?

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Does co amoxiclav make you sleepy?

Yes! Very. I am taking it thrice a day and I feel very drowsy and sleep almost all the time!

What can you do if you feel tired and sleepy all the time and forget a lot?

Go to your GP or Psychiatrist

Why are you always tired and sleepy?

That, my friend, is a very tricky question. There are many reasons for feeling sleepy all the time. Metabolic, neurological and endocrine disorders, such as diabetes, poor quality sleep, anemia etc are all related to this. If you feel tired and sleepy all the time, you might want to consult a doctor. They will be able to assess all of your symptoms, run tests and find the root of your soporific nature.

Why do you get sleepy when you smoke marijuana?

Because it makes you feel relaxed and helps you sleep better. Not all strains make you feel sleepy however.

What is narcolepy?

It is a sleep disorder. People that have it tend to feel sleepy all the time and can fall asleep during daily activities.

Sleepy all the time?

I feel tired and sleepy all the time?

if your a woman and already had sex then you could be pregnant, or have a sleeping disorder. If your a man then probebly just the sleeping disorter

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What happens when you're 5 weeks pregnant?

You get morning sickness, and feel sleepy all the time. Take your prenatal vitamins! This is also the week that the embryo develops!

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Depression effects lot of things. It effects your health, mentally and pysically. It makes you very sleepy so you want to sleep all the time, and it has a great deal of fatigue a lot of the time. It has a lot of pressure on your brain because you feel so sad all the time. It effects your family, and friends who care about you, and are worried about you.

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