I filed for bankruptcy 9-2009 It was discharged in 2009 and my refund for tax year 2008 was disclosed and not touched will I get my 2009 refund?

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Can you receive a tax refund this year if you filed bankruptcy last year?

You need to discuss this with your attorney. Once you receive your tax refund, it's part of your personal assets that could be seized to pay creditors. If you file bankruptcy before you get your taxes then the government will keep your tax refund and put it towards your debt. The bankruptcy court ( Full Answer )

If you received a sizeable tax refund but spent it before you filed bankruptcy will that money affect you?

Answer . \nThe judge may ask you what it was spent on. Necessities such as food, shelter, utilities etc. are acceptable and a usual answer. You did the right thing. Receive and spend the refund before filing bankruptcy, if possible. Of course, is not always possible due to the stress from pressur ( Full Answer )

Can you file for a tax refund while in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Filing Return While in Bankruptcy . Yes, you still have to file your taxes as usual. Any refund will probably be appropriated by the trustee and treated as a nonexempt asset, which will be used for repayment of creditors.. Adding As indicated, this is one of your assets and must be disclosed to ( Full Answer )

Can a trustee take your federal tax refund in Missouri if your bankruptcy was discharged before you filed your taxes?

Answer . \nThe trustee may be able to take a portion depending upon the amount of the refund and the time frame between the filing or discharge of the BK and the date of the tax return. If a percentage can be ceased it will be pro-rated according to the number of months between the BK discharge a ( Full Answer )

After being discharged from the bankruptcy are you entitled to the upcoming year's tax refund if any?

Answer . \nGenerally tax refunds are pro-rated using the number of months between the BK filing and the tax refund as a guideline, in some BK's it also depends upon the amount of the refund. The entire refund amount is seldom seized by the trustee unless the filer exceeds the exception amount est ( Full Answer )

How can creditors size a tax refund check one year after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Answer . The answer depends on who the creditor is and the status of the debt. If the debt was a student loan or other non-dischargable debt, then your tax refund can be taken. If the debt WAS discharged, ANY collection action of any kind on a discharged debt is a violation of the permanent inju ( Full Answer )

If you get a large tax refund shortly before filing bankruptcy can you spend it?

Answer . You could, but they will find out about it and if you don't use this money to try and pay creditors then you could be in hot water. I would get some legal advice on this and meanwhile, put that money in an interest bearing account and don't touch it.\n. \nMarcy\n. \n . \n If the re ( Full Answer )

Why does the court sometimes take the tax refund when a person files a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Answer . \nA tax refund is considered income/asset belonging to the BK petitioner and is therefore subject to seizure for the repayment of debt.\n. \nWhether or not the refund can be included in the BK depends upon the time frame of the BK filing vs. the tax refund date and amount, the status o ( Full Answer )

Do you keep a tax refund after bankruptcy?

Has the chapter 13 bankruptcy been discharged (completed)? If not then in your bankruptcy agreement for repayment it probably states that you must surrender any tax return to the repayment schedule. Read your entire agreement and consult with your attorney to be sure.

If you have filed for bankruptcy can you keep your tax refund rebate?

I believe the best way to look at this is: The money your being refunded is an overpayment made for earnings at some time. If those earnings were pre-petition, so had you had the money it would have been part of the BK assets, then the refund should be too. (The only reason the BK didn't have it ( Full Answer )

Does a tax refund automatically get sent by the IRS to bankruptcy court after a chapter 7 discharge?

No. Everything that happens in a bankruptcy case goes through the (7 or 13) trustee and if the trustee has not acted to get the refund, but has told you it must be sent to him/her, that is your obligation when you receive it. If the trustee did not know about the refund, and you omitted that informa ( Full Answer )

Will you ever get a tax refund again if you file chapter7 bankruptcy?

Sure. And you get one before and during C 7 too. Its just that a refund is a return of an overpayment, an amount that you put on deposit above what was needed if you will, and you hand it over so it can be used to pay the debts it would have been available for. After BK, if you overpay tax on any ( Full Answer )

I filed for bankruptcy in 2007 it was final Feb 2008. Will the trustee take the stimulus check as they did my tax refunds?

Probably not..first off, if your finalized, it's pretty much a done deal. Your refund this year was for income and taxes you had withheld last year...which were prepetition. You could have had all your income withheld....and delayed on filing your return till a year from now...it wouldn't change ( Full Answer )

If you file bankruptcy Ch 7 in December 2008 in the state of Florida middle district will your income tax refund for 2008 be taken away?

Very likely...the refund is because you had more money than needed withheld from your paycheck and pu in (essentially) a savings account at the IRS to pay your eventual liability. This money, earned and saved pre-filing, had you not had it put aside (or had you correctly estimated and completed the ( Full Answer )

Can you get a refund after you file bankruptcy?

Very likely not - epending on when nyou filed and when the money was withheld...the refund is because you had more money than needed withheld from your paycheck and pu in (essentially) a savings account at the IRS to pay your eventual liability. This money, earned and saved pre-filing, had you not h ( Full Answer )

Do you lose your tax refund for filing chapter 7 bankruptcy in Washington OR ANY state?

Very likely...the refund is because you had more money than needed withheld from your paycheck and pu in (essentially) a savings account at the IRS to pay your eventual liability. This money, earned and saved pre-filing, had you not had it put aside (or had you correctly estimated and completed the ( Full Answer )

If you file February 10 2009 will the trustee take your 2008 tax refund?

Very likely...the money being refunded is from what you overpaid into, essentially, a savings account at the IRS with your name on it. Had you had the correct amount withheld, the extra in your check would have rightfully been available to pay your debts with then (before filing BK). It is a pre-pet ( Full Answer )

Can wv take our refund in march 2009 after filing bankruptcy in dec 2008?

Your refund is for overpayments into that "savings account" with the Gov't to pay your taxes and was done with the money made BEFORE you filed, so it is part of the BK.. Withholding is under your control, YOU had too much withheld all through 2008 (you could have had 100% of your earnings put into ( Full Answer )

Is it legal for the courts to take inc tax refund if you file bankruptcy?

The court can of course....you have placed all your financial affairs in their hands.. And cosider, if the refund is for over withholding from work you did in 2008, and you didn't file BK until 2009...that is prepetition money and rightfully should be used to pay your Pre P creditors.

How many years do you have to file your income taxes if you are getting a refund?

It doesn't matter if you receive an income tax refund or not. The fact is is you worked and had federal and state taxes taken out you would need to file your taxes every year. However, much depends on your filing status (single, married, etc) and how much you made that year on whether you would file ( Full Answer )

When can 2009 tax refunds start being filed?

I- CAN !® E- File E-Filing for tax year 2009 begins January 18, 2010. Welcome to I- CAN !® E- File . I- CAN !® E- File can help you prepare and E- File your taxes . ... We have FREE online chat available to help you with any questions you have about using I- CAN ! ... ( Full Answer )

How to file for property tax refund?

Contact your local property tax department and request a copy of the form that you will need to use to file for the property tax refund or you could try and see if this could be done online at the local property tax online website.

Anyone received 2009 tax refund?

NO. The first refunds from the IRS if your income tax is prepared correctly and transmitted electronically on-line between JANUARY 15 AND JANUARY 21 with Direct Deposit and ACCEPTED by the IRS your refund amount may be sent DIRECT DEPOSIT JANUARY 29 and if not DD the refund may be mailed out on Febr ( Full Answer )

Can you file your 2008 with your 2009 taxes?

No. Each year must be filed separately using the correct forms andtables for the tax years when the income was earned. Adding twoincomes together would probably not be to your advantage anyway.Either way, you cannot do this as it would cause you a real mess tofix when the IRS found your error.

Will the bankruptcy court take a tax refund after your bankruptcy is discharged?

Usually not. Your bankruptcy petition will ask you for information on whether or not you received a tax refund for the year prior, but they don't usually track you afterwards to find out if you got a refund after your discharge. You are applying for a clean financial slate, and taking away your refu ( Full Answer )

6 months of 2008 US mnthly salary pre-taxed and federal refund was close to 2K. In 2009 11 months of same salary was pre-taxed and fed refund came to 817. Is this possible and correct?

This could be correct if your income tax return was completed correctly because of the making work pay tax credit and the reduction in the withholding table that the employer started using in April of 2009 to make your pay check take home pay larger. To change the amount for the 2010 tax year you wi ( Full Answer )

Refund information on 2009 tax return already filed?

Check the Status Online The fastest and easiest way to find out about your current year refund is to go to the IRS gov web site and click and on left side of the page under Online Services choose the Check on Your Refund "Where's My Refund?" link at the IRS.gov home page. To check the status onli ( Full Answer )

When can you expect your 2009 income tax refund?

For a mailed 1040 income tax return and no direct deposit selected. IF you have any refund amount due you then you would receive a paper check IF you used your correct mailing address on your correctly completed income tax return. If your income tax has been completed correctly and filed to the co ( Full Answer )

When can i get my IT refunds for the year 2008-2009 For me there is no IT for the mentioned year but my company deducted 4k after the tax filing they found that no tax for me?

IT refunds. Income tax refunds for the tax year 2008 and 2009. You will have to take your copies of the correctly completed 1040 federal income tax return and contact the IRS about this matter of your missing incoming tax refunds if they were sent to the correct IRS address when they were filed. You ( Full Answer )

Will your tax refund be taken to pay back your debt if you file for bankruptcy?

Tax Refunds and Returns There is no specific protection for tax refunds in bankruptcy. As such, the "wild card" exemption* is used to try to protect these funds as much as possible. Further, any portion of your tax refund that pertains to the "earned income credit" is also fully protect and yours ( Full Answer )

Will you get your tax refund if you file for bankruptcy?

Whether you are entitled to your tax refund will depend on what type of Chapter of bankruptcy you are filing and whether the bankruptcy exemptions can be used to protect the tax refund. If you are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy then you can generally keep the refund if the available state bankruptc ( Full Answer )