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No, Nobody really knows the exact time they got pregnant due to the fact that sperm lives inside of you for 72 hours. There is probably nothing wrong with your baby. You are probably just a couple of days behind as you expected.

2015-07-15 20:03:20
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Can another mans sperm hurt a fetus?

No. Your cervix is tight shut. Nothing should be able to get to the fetus.

Do fetus go to heaven?

If there is nothing before life then why should there be something after death.

Why should you learn the sex of your fetus?

There are new blood tests that can determine the sex of a fetus at seven weeks. Finding out the gender of a baby can help expecting parents decide whether to test for serious sex-linked illnesses like muscular dystrophy and hemophillia.

What is the meaning of growth of a fetus?

A fetus is another name for an unborn baby, and growth is how it gets bigger.

What is another word for an unborn child?

a fetus

How fast should a baby's heartbeat be at 9 weeks?

This is not clear whether the baby is a fetus or a newborn. If a fetus, should be in the region of 170-200bpm.

Why fetus die at 8 weeks?

When a fetus die during the first trimester it's usually because it's something wrong with it.

What size should the fetus measure at 10 weeks?

5.6 cm on healthy average. human fetus- FACT

How can a fetus be prevented from settling into the breech position?

There is no way to prevent a fetus from settling into the breech position at the end of pregnancy. A woman who has had one breech fetus is more likely than average to have another.

Why do women have miscarriges?

Most likely there is something wrong with the fetus and it's mother nature's way discarding the fetus before you get too far into your pregnancy.

Can a fetus grow inside a another fetus during pregnancy?

Yes, it is the onset of a condition known as infinifetus, in which fetuses grow inside each other with no end, the result being a horrific M.C. Escher-esque conglomerate. Or you could just learn to use Google. Until you do, search for 'Fetus in fetu', should be relevant to your interests.

Is something wrong if I'm 7 weeks pregnant and fetus has an irregular heartbeat?


Can you have pregnancy symptoms when something is wrong with the fetus?

Yes,you can obviously you are infact pregnant so you will have symptoms.and if you should feel that anything is wrong during the pregnancy you should seek immediate help from you nearest hospital.or e.r.

When should the fetus start moving?

at 4-5 months

How much should a fetus weigh at 23 weeks?

About 1lb

What answers the why should the uterus be strong?

To support and then expel the fetus.

Taking aspirin when pregnant can miscarriage the baby?

Nope! But it wont be healthy for the fetus. If you absolutely have to take something you should talk to your doctor. Tylenol is usually the thing you are allowed to take.

At what age can a baby be born a live?

Around 6 months. It differs from fetus to fetus since they might be sick or something if they come too early and how much they have developed..

Does smoking during your first trimester harm the fetus?

It is certainly going to harm the fetus. A expecting mom who smoking may have a child who has a low shipping bodyweight. Low shipping bodyweight and being created too small is a significant cause of baby sickness and perinatal loss of life. So i suggest to all expecting mums to quit smoking. If you require any other pregnancy related tips & advice please check Emmas Diary.

If you have two placentas and one fetus will or can the fetus be smaller as if a twin?

Chances are, something happened to the twin. But since the remaining baby has lots of room to grow, it will probably be born as if it were a single.

If your blood type is O plus can another blood type male empregnate you?

yes -- the real concern is the rh fator of mother/father/fetus and that is for the fetus' protection.

Vistaril side effects while pregnant?

You should NOT be using hydroxyzine (VIstaril) during your pregnancy. Testing has shown an increase in abnormalities in the fetus. Talk to your doc and get a prescription for something else.

Can you smoke marijuana when your pregnant?

You can rephrase the question to "Should my unborn fetus smoke marijuana?". Because that is really what you are asking. If you get high the fetus get high. So the answer is no.

How long should a post mortum take on a fetus?

about 26 days

Can you still feel a heartbeat after miscarriage?

i doubt it there should be a fetus anymore.