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I hadn't had my period for eight months Im not pregnant I finally started spotting last week that lasted aboutfive days Then after four days I noticed this morning I am spotting again?


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You should go to the doctor and have some test done Call Your GYN if you don t have one look in the yellow pages for clinics in your area

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It may be .. but it also be a sign of a miscarriage

You need to get in to your Dr tomorrow morning, but as long as it is only mild spotting and NO contractions, you might be OK

that could be a sign but if you start to feel sick in the morning and having belly cramps you might be pregnant.

If your test is neg try a couple days later in the morning with a five day sooner test wen spotting has stopped it may have been a misscarriage before u knew you were pregnant them are very common

yes it is possible this has happen to me recently i had missed my period wasn't really sure if i was pregnant but i had morning sickness then finally i took two pregnancy just to make sure they both came back positive and two days later i was spotting and it was brown blood

Light spotting and cramping, sore breasts, fatigue, morning sickness, a missed period, and mood swings are all signs of pregnancy.

There is no definite knowing in this case. You must retest after a couple of days. The only way to know for sure is to see a doctor.

Hi. If you are pregnant, you need to see your Doctor or go to hospital to make certain you are not pregnant. Brown spotting can occur during early pregnancy and is usually harmless, but it is always best to be certain. If you are not pregnant, the brown spotting may be a urinary tract infection or a yeast infection, from recently stopping/starting birth control pills, recently taking morning after pill or due to your period about to arrive.

hi i am 10 days late done pregnancy test and negative this morning was spotting and now nothing could i be pregnant please help i really need to know

Many women have no symptoms at all. Nausea, morning sickness and missed period are common. Spotting is another symptom that happens with some women.

Not necessarily. But, I had the same problem and I am pregnant! My period was supposed to start on a monday and I began spotting the Saturday morning before..... That is totally not normal for me. So I bout a pregnancy test and it was positive! It is best to take a test! They do sell tests that can tell you before you actually miss your period.

If you are pregnant but do not have morning sickness that is fine. Some women suffer from morning sickness when they are pregnant while others never experience it.

the first sign is a missed period,Breast tenderness, Nausea and Morning Sickness,Frequent Urination,Spotting,and Fatigue

Could be placenta previa, or any number of things. Previa is when the placenta is resting over the uterine opening. Call your doctor.

can I take one morning after pill only and not be pregnant

Getting sick during Pregnancy is usually called Morning Sickness. Morning Sickness is one of many thing that can come with being pregnant and not everyone gets morning sickness when they are pregnant.

i took the ecp on Saturday morning (today is Thursday) and today i started spotting...i don't know if that is a sign if im pregnant or not. i know this doesnt help but i just wanted to let you know im wondering what the answer to this is too. i am also expierencing very light pains in my lower abdonimal area...

75% of pregnant women experience some morning sickness in early pregnancy.

It is not unusual. Approximately 25% of pregnant women never experience any morning sickness.

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