I have 3 points from my insurance company for a claim but I did not get a ticket so no points on my license. I am moving from MA to FL will those points transfer to a new insurance company?

All the 50 States now have Reciprical agreements in regards to information sharing, Thinking that going to another state or another insurer is somehow going to get you off the hook is a dangerous idea.

The points reflect your driving hsitory, those points have nothing to do with your insurer or the state your in. You had an at fault accident, therfore you have those points. Misreprentation of your risk factors by failure to reveal your driving history consitutes Insurance fraud by intentional ommission of a known risk factor.

Should you obtain insurance with another company and they later find out that you defrauded them, Not only can they cancel your policy retroactively but they can also refuse to pay for any claim or accident even if they did not find out you lied until after the accident. You could find yourself Un-Insurable and your driving priveledges can be revoked permanently when caught.