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small.... depends on your age.... judging on your spelling of inch's i would say your about 8/9 years old so u shouldn't worry about it

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โˆ™ 2008-09-29 02:16:46
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Q: I have 5 inces penis this is normal size or small?
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What size penis does woman like?

6 inces long and 5 inces around

Why do you have small penis?

The penis size differs for each male. Most guys believe they have a small or smaller than normal penis but in fact, their sizes are very normal.

What if your full penis size 4 inces how can you increase you are 22 year old?

If you mean by full as erect, yours is really small. Mine (age 15) is 7 inches "full." There is no way to increase penis size.

Is it normal for Chinese men to have small penis?

Chinese people have the same size penis as everyone else.

How do you know if your penis is too small?

All penises are different, and there is no "normal" size or shape.

I'm 16 and my penis is 5.5 inches erected is that small?

Yes no its a normal size

Would a 5 inch penis for a 54 year old be average size or small?

A 5" penis is perfectly normal.

Is your penis small if it is 5 inches when erected at the age of 13?

No, it is within normal size for your age.

Can a girl tell if you have a small penis?

Most girls don't care what size your penis is. And most men who think their penis is small actually have a totally normal sized penis - see the related link below.

Do little people males have normal size penis's?

Yes, little people have the same size penis as normal size people.

Is 5 and a half inches small for penis size?

no 3-4 inches is the normal size you dont have to worry abt it

If Im 18 with a 5 inch penis is that small?

No, you are completely normal. Average size of an erect penis on an adult male is 4-6", so you are right in the big middle of normal.

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