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Q: I have Chinese Yuans dated back to 1914 are they worth anything?
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How much is one euro worth in china?

One Euro is about 10 whole Chinese Yuans

I have Chinese Yuan's dated back to 1914 are they worth anything?

as per Chinese website, the value of this currency depends on which bank printed it out and the volume of circulation. It may only worth about USD 2 something.

What is the value of a porphyritic igneous rock dated 18000 bc pfke41hotmailcom?

i dont kniw that they are worth anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont kniw that they are worth anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have 6 gold Pokemon cards that are dated 1999 Are they worth anything?


Is a 1 piso coin that is dated 1995 on the front and1993 on the back worth anything?

It is worth 1 piso.

Are stamps dated from 1975 worth anything?

Some are worth a lot, most aren't worth much. It depends on what country, what stamp, and condition.

Are Chinese Pokemon cards worth anything?

well they are not worth anything but mabye in 6 years DATE 10/15/12

Is your 20.00 bill with a star at the end of the serial number and dated series 2004 A worth anything?

It's worth about $20

Is a 500 dollar gold certificate dated 1882 worth anything?

500 dollars, I suppose...

Is an Eire coin dated 1963 worth anything?

an eire coin depending on denomination and condition can be worth 25 cents to $25.

Is an Indian head penny dated 1893 and in good condition worth anything?

Yes it is. The value for the coin is about $3.00

Are Bibles dated 1867 worth anything?

yes, if it is in good condition (all the pages an back and front cover), it could be worth 30,000 dollars at the most.

Are Brut watches worth anything?

Not really. Cheap Chinese watch built for the masses not classes.

What is the value of nickels dated from 1938 to 1958?

Those dated 1938 or 1939 AND have a "D" or "S" mintmark to the right of the building, are rare dates and will be worth at least a dollar and perhaps a lot more. Those dated 1939 (with no mintmark) AND have the word MONTICELLO clearly doubled, are worth $25 or more. Anything dated 1942 to 1945 AND with a large "P", "D", or "S" mintmark above the building are made from silver and are worth at least 75 cents. Lastly, if dated 1950, with a "D" mintmark to the right of the building, that is a rare date worth $10 or more. Anything else would have to be in gem uncirculated condition to have any significant added value.

Is a statue of a woman in white pouring water from universal statue corp. and 559 and dated 1959 worth anything?


How much are the jfk half dollars worth?

1964 Kennedy halves are 90% silver and currently worth slightly more than $7. Then those dated 1965-1970 contain 40% silver and are worth $3. Anything* dated 1971 and after is worth 50 cents. *Values are for circulating coinage only, NOT including proof strikes.

How much is a Japanese peso from 1949 worth today?

Are paper japan peso money dated 1949 worth anything to collectors. I have a 5 and a 1 bill? What is the exchange in us dollars.

What is a 2000P-E pluribus unum worth?

Though your question fragment doesn't include the coin's denomination, anything dated 2000 minted in Philadelphia will be worth face value.

Coin from the last spike dated 1885 is it worth anything?

if its a nickel it is worth 5 cents if it is a dime 10 cents if it is a quarter 25 cents if it is a half dolar 50 cents

Is a five dollar treasury warrant dated 1862 worth anything?

five dollars treasury warrant has a copy beside gorge washington

Arw dandy comics dated 1990 worth anything?

The Dandy was a comic book that was published in the UK from 1937 until 2012. The worth of a 1990 issue would be determined by condition and demand for it.

How much are 2000 dated pennys worth?

2000 dated penny's are just penny's

Is a Patriot half dollar dated 1775-1925 worth anything?

Going for anywhere around $100-250 on ebay depends on condition

Is a 1941 steel penny worth anything?

No Lincoln cents dated 1941 were made of steel. The steel ones are from 1943, and aren't especially valuable.

What is a stock worth dated 1971 Farmers marketing association inc?

A stock dated 1971 for gamers marking association inc worth