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Chances are that the heat shields have come loose and are beginning to rattle. No immediate harm will come but Ford wouldn't put them there unless they had a reason. The top shield half keeps your floor from getting real freaking hot and burning the carpet. The bottom half of the shield keeps dry stuff on the ground from bursting into flames. The quick fix is to wrap a hunk of wire around the whole works and bind it down tight. Eventually that won't help so you'll have to have it repaired properly some day. Or you could just remove them. Carpets and dry stuff on the ground are overrated anyway.

2009-05-05 01:46:07
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Q: I have a 1995 Ford T-Bird with a 4.6 Liter V8. My catalytic converters have been rattling for quite some time now and I was wondering if that would cause any serious damage in the long run?
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What would cause a rattling or knocking noise that gets worse when accelerating?

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Don't know what year, make or model you have but if you continue to drive that vehicle with the service engine flashing it may do serious damage to the catalytic converter(s).

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Why would the catyalitic converter on a 1998 kia sportage glow red?

super heated by exhaust, your up stream O2 sensor is dead, your catalytic converter is plugged. This is serious and needs immediate attention for risk of fire to auto and severe damage to catalytic converter. If a rich condition causes raw fuel or vapor to reach the converter fire can occur. Get a capable shop to check this ASAP.