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suggest you check with a gunsmith. I believe there is a slight difference between the 455 cal and 45 cal. however, I also believe the 455 cal can be changed (by gunsmith) to the 45 cal.

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How do you calculate the volume or size of the reverberation chamber?

The volume of a reverberation chamber is calculated by length times width times height.

Can any length of shell be used in a 410 shotgun?

The shell length that the chamber can handle should be stamped on the barrell.

Will a browning a5 barrel interchange?

if the gauge and chamber length are the same

Do they make bullets for a enders royal service 12 G double barrel?

That should be a shotgun, and it will shoot 12 gauge shotshells or slugs, available at any sporting goods store and most department stores. You should check with a gunsmith to determine chamber size. It may also be marked on the barrels, or underneath them, as to chamber length. Some older 12 gauge take shells that are 2-9/16" long. Most modern ones are 2-3/4", and some will take 3". Each length chamber will take any shorter length shell as well.

What is the length of a USPS service delivery truck?

The United States Postal Service delivery truck LLV has a length of 14 ft 7.5 inches.

What was the normal length of service as a roman soldier?

The length of service varied with the times. At the beginning of the city, the army was only kept for a single campaign season-- sometimes for a single battle--and then the men went home. Marius reformed the army and the length of service was 16 years. Augustus further changed the army and the length of service was 20 years with five more on reserve.

Can you use a shell smaller than chamber length in 410?

Yes the stated length is maximum so if it says 3" you can also use 2.5 and 2"

How can you tell if an 870 shotgun can fire 3 in magnum shells?

ANY shotgun... the chamber length should be marked on the barrel. For instance, 2, 2 3/4 or 3, or 31/2 and etc. If it is not marked, you can insert a ruler into the chamber end and, if you allow the ruler to slide along the chamber wall, you can feel the throat of the chamber. The designated length of the chamber, before the throat, will be approximately 1/4 inch longer than an unfired shell. It will be marked on the side of the barrel near the rear.

Which is the biggest cave in the world?

Not a very good question. Longest in passage length: Flint Ridge / Mammoth Cave system (USA) Largest single chamber: Sarawak Chamber (Sarawak!)

How do you stop heating pipes from banging?

on a potable water system you can either use a water hammer arrestor or an air chamber. An air chamber is a length of pipe with a cap on it (6"-8") facing up

How can I find out about a fers calculator?

our basic annuity is computed based on your length of service and high-3 average salary. To determine your length of service for computation, add all your periods of creditable service, then eliminate any fractional part of a month from the total.

What was the average length of combat service during World War 2?

the average length of active duty combat was 33months

How many cartridges will the chamber hold in a Winchester - Model 94 30-30?

One in the chamber. The tube magazine can hold 4 or more additional cartriges depending on the length of the barrel and tube magazine.

What is the average length of service in the senate?

The average length of service in the senate as of January 2013 is about 10.2 years. Some people will only serve 1 term, while others remain for much longer.

How do you calculate the volume of the reverberation room?

The volume of a room is length times width times height. So it goes with a reverberation chamber.

How much does limo service usually cost?

A limo service usually charges by the event, time,length, and the type of car wanted.

How much money does army doctors make?

Depends on rank and length of service.

Does a shotgun barrel length include the threads?

A shotgun barrel length or rifle barrel length starts at the point where the rim of the case touches the shoulder of the chamber and extends to the tip of the muzzle. In most cases, if the barrel is threaded on, yes it would include the threads. lcj

Where are baby platypuses laid?

A female platypus lays her eggs in a chamber at the end of a long burrow she digs in a riverbank or creek bank, above the waterline. This burrow might be 30 metres or so in length, with the chamber nestled securely at the end.

What is the ammunition for a 410 single barrel Stevens shotgun Is it 3 or 2 12?

If it is not marked on the barrel, you should have a gunsmith measure the chamber length.

The first three factors a coder must consider when coding are patient?

Place of service, type of service, patient status

What should I know in seeking out a credit repair service?

You should know the reputation of the service you are considering. Also what the cost will be for their services and the length of coverage.

How efficiency improve in settling chamber?

First, I am assuming you mean "How do I improve the efficiency of a Gravity Settling Chamber?" The efficiency of a settling chamber is given by: n= (Ut*L)/(H*U) where: 'Ut' is the terminal velocity of the particle you wish to separate 'L' is the length of the settling chamber 'H' is the height of the settling chamber 'U' is the mean gas velocity within the settling chamber 'n' is the efficiency of the settling chamber As can be seen by the formula, to improve the efficiency the settling chamber you can make the chamber longer, or you can slow the mean gas velocity within the chamber, allowing more particles to fall within the given chamber dimensions. Settling chambers are typically long already with a low mean gas velocity so juggle between these two main ideas and find what you believe will work best in relation to the amount of product you need to make. (kgs of Gas per hour)

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