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Yes, you do and that's the only way

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How can you downgrade your PSP version 6.00?

I really don't know. All I know after many searching the only way to do that is Pandora battries. I don't want to do this Pasndora battries thing. Answer 2: If its a PSP 3000, then the only way you be able to downgrade is if you ship it in to the Pandora battery company and let them downgrade it to 5.02 or sell your PSP 3000 for a PSP 2000 or 1000 and buy a Pandora Battery Pandora battery is used to go into recovery mode every time you power up the PSP. It does not screw up your PSP.

When will you no longer be able to downgrade Windows Vista Business to Windows XP Pro?

Downgrade rights are permanent.

Where can you get Pandora beads?

you will be able to get them in the Pandora shop close to you they are not that expensive

If you downgrade your psp 3000 version 5.02 you could play downloaded games?

No, you need the latest firmware to be able to access the PSN and play the games you downloaded from it.

Are you able to downgrade an ASIAN Hong Kong PSP from 3.71 to 1.50 with the Pandora Battery?

Yes, any PSP can be flashed using a Pandora's Battery. To flash the PSP to 1.50 you need to have a Classic (not Slim) PSP and a magic memory stick containing the 1.50 Firmware.

How do you downgrade iPhone 4 from ios 7 to ios 6?

I doubt if you could ! Normally, you're only able to upgrade hardware and software to a newer version. That would be like swapping your current car for an older model.

Can you unbrick a PSP and if so how?

Guys, does the blank screen appears on your PSP after you turn it on and nothing happens no matter whatever you do to it then your PSP is Bricked. Don't worry at all because you will be able to play your favorite games again. First i want to tell you that there are two reasons by which your PSP can be bricked, one while installing the update the PSP is switched off and two when you try to downgrade the firmware version. Your PSP can be unbricked all you need to do is you need the PSP Pandora battery and the Magic memory stick combo. I am gonna tell you more about advantages of Unbricked PSP & genuine online Pandora Battery & Magic memory stick dealer.A "bricked PSP" does not have the correct files to boot up properly and wont do anything when you turn it on. The Pandora battery is also known as the "Jigkick" battery or " TOOL" battery, by using the Pandora Battery and Magic Memory Stick you can downgrade the firmware and play , unbrick (unlock) your PSP or install your own custom firmware. Also, you are open to play Homebrew games and application after unbricking your PSP. Apart from Homebrew games available for the PSP user who has gone through the PSP Downgrade process but there are also many "old school" games that you can play on you downgraded PSP, games like Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers and many more. The benefits of doing a PSP downgrade are numerous, the free games and applications, the DVD's that you can back up and watch on your PSP.There are dozens of online psp Pandora battery and magic memory stick dealers from where you can buy the Pandora Battery and magic memory stick combo but i recommend you to check out, this is where i got my PSP unbricked. They guided me throughout the process with Technical Support and prompt reply.

Is Pandora radio free?

Pandora Radio Is free, But their are Upgrades that cost. The Upgrades will get rid of Advertisements. But it is only free in the USA if you live in Canada you will not be able to listen in.

Are you able to download minecraft on an Android tablet?

Kind of, you are able to download Minecraft Pocket Edition which is the mobile version of Minecraft. It has less features and stuff than the computer does, but its only 7 bucks.

Will downgrading your iphone delete contacts?

No once you downgrade, you will be able to throw all your information including contacts and photos on to the new iOS that you downgraded to.

Where do you find stuff about Benvolio from Romeo and Julietthe old movie?

In the 1936 version, Benvolio was portrayed by Reginald Denny. You should be able to Google the name and get all sorts of info.

What are you able to buy in Australia?


How do you give non members member stuff?

there is no way to get non members members stuff. and even if they where able to give them stuff they wouldn't be able to use it. it would just turn gray.

Do you need wyfi to use Pandora radio on iPod touch?

Yes you do. If you had an iPhone, you would be able to do it as long as you had signal.

Was Pandora the first woman before eve?

Well, these women were from separate religions. Eve is the Christian "first woman", and Pandora was "that chick who let out all the bad things into the world". While they are comparable in their release of "sin" into the world, they are not able to be put on the same timeline. Eve was first in christianity, Pandora was NOT the first in Greek Myth.

Can you keep your phone and internet and drop your cable tv?

Yes you can,you are able to upgrade and downgrade whenever you want,I take advantage of some deals by doing just that... I have Xfinity

What age do i have to be to post stuff on cineverse?

14 years is the appropriate age to have to be able to post stuff on cineverse.

Are you able to catch a gotherita on white version?


What impact does age have on sport?

The effects is that, as we get older our bodies are less able to do stuff that we was able to do when we was younger.

What is the prefixes and suffixes of inhospitable?

In- is the prefix. -Able is the suffix of inhospitable.

Which is correct being able or been able?

Being able is the correct version of the sentence. You can use it as a fragment of any sentence.

Will a Pandora battery for a PSP fat work in a PSP slim?

yes it will but it will stick out a bit so u will not be able put the battery cover on.

I bought a new computer installed with Windows 7 and like Windows Vista much better. Am I able to downgrade without purchasing the Vista OS?

legally no. illegally yes.

Where can one purchase diamond charms?

Some jewelers such as Pandora, might have a range of diamond charms to offer. Pandora is known for selling charm bracelets and additional charms to be attached to these bracelets. Local jewelers may be able to source a diamond charm from their suppliers if you requested them to.

What is the stuff called inside an animal to be able to be in museum?