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Sounds like a loose ground wire. Vibrations of the vehicle cause intermittent service interruptions.

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โˆ™ 2009-05-14 21:36:00
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Q: I have a problem with 2004 eplorer trac all electrical power goes off and on while driving engine is still running with no change gauges go off windows do not work radio goes off why?
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What's the problem with the air conditioner of my Saturn L200 it died while driving I can still hear the AC working the blower is running but no cold air?

Either low on freon by having a leak in the system or you have some type of electrical problem...........

Why would you get shocked from touching water running in a sink?

You should not get shocked, if you do, there is a serious electrical problem

What may be the problem if your 95 Pontiac sunfire se is cutting off on you at stop lights after driving for about an hour And its not running hot you also think it may be an electrical problem?

check your coil it could be warming up and expanding inside might be internal crack

Why is my York air conditioner blowing warm air?

if the compressor is Running you are low on freon, if its not then you have a electrical problem

What could cause a 1993 Galant to stall while driving?

I have a 95 galant that would just quit running at a stop or even driving it would just loose all electrical power. It turned out to be the cheap alarm system they put in it. when i removed the alarm it quit having the problem.

Why would a 1997 dodge ram 1500 truck just stop running and have to be towed to a mechanic?

it sounds most likely to be an electrical problem.

Lights pulsate while car is running e-320?

If your lights pulsate while the car is running in your E320, you probably have a problem with the alternator or distributor. This type of issue is most likely electrical.

What could be the problem when all of a sudden horn running lights raer defrost wiper blands and knobs to heating and cooling all stop on 2000 vw jetta 2.0 engine?

An electrical problem.

Why would my 1993 3.1 Pontiac grand prix stops running while driving?

Had the same problem and come to find out that it was the cars computer malfunctioning.

A flow of electrical charges is known as an?

A flow of electrical charges running through a medium is known as an electrical current.

93 Jeep Cherokee sports runs for about ten miles shuts down will start later you can not duplicate by letting it set and run?

You may have an electrical problem and it does not get hot enough setting while running. Try driving it untel it quits then have another person check spark while you try to start.

Can a non running car catch on fire?

Yes, If you been to a long drive & park it near the long dried grass. Also you can have an electrical problem and start on fire.

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