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go meet the dermatologist and take his advise

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What can white spots in your hairline mean?

it may seem that you have lice

How much work are Maltese dogs?

Maltese puppies seem like fun and cute, and cozy dogs. They dont seem like much work. I dont hv one but they seem adorable.

What are small reddish spots around your cheek bones that never seem to turn into spots but will come and go every couple of days?

This happens to many people but if you wash your face without any chemicals and keep it from being too dry, then they will appear on your face but will fade away more faster!

Will Fordyce's spots ever go away naturally?

"They won't go get over it losers" He's right, they don't. Mine seem to have faded a little or become less noticeable. But hey f@ggot that answered this, you realize more guys have fordyce spots than not right? Maybe you're the loser.

Why cant you download encarta99 on vista?

you dont seem to know why. i guess you dont know

Does alcohol take pain away?

not necessarily, but it can seem as if it takes mental pain away.

Where are the saucers on your sims agents?

I dont know, i have looked everywhere and I just can't seem to find them. Can some1 plz help us right away cause i can't move on without finding them

Why did the stone age occur?

I dont know y dont u ask your parents they seem to no every thing!

How do you contact Disney?

As of Jan 2010 this is all I could find. They sure dont seem easily accesible and dont seem to want any email.... Not good service if u ask me.. BVTV.Webmaster@disney.com.

Does legacy from the new boyz know how to play the piano?

he dont seem the type of guy that can play the piano but i dont think he does but he could play it i dont know.

Is Unlimitedmp3music legal?

No. But We still seem to use "LimeWire" anyway..dont we?? lolz

Why are things weird?

because we dont do them so they seem very weird to us

What is jaqueline Wilson's height and weight?

dont know but she does seem tall and skinny

Does bamboo trees produce flowers?

o they dont you seem pretty stupid :)

Where are the spots that people are most tickleish.?

people seem to be most ticklish on their feet,stomach,hip,around the private area on the leg.

Have the dark spots on the sun remained the same for several years?

The sunspot activity cycle follows roughly an 11 year pattern of heavy to light activity; individual spots can last from days to months. Spots do not really have a uniform appearance and location and grouping also can seem somewhat random.

What is hypertension in automobile engine?

l dont realy hav e clue but it seem it will be related to knocking in automobile engine l dont realy hav e clue but it seem it will be related to knocking in automobile engine

What is the meaning of the song Eye of the Tiger?

dont give up on your dreams even if they seem unrealistic. dont forget your dreams of the past

How do you get away from your friends at church?

Walk would seem to be the best option

Is gushing an omnomonopia?

I dont believe so because it doesn't seem to be a sound word.

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