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That means the baby's head is in the birth canal and probably getting ready to drop. There is nothing to worry about. If anything I is a good thing because when you go into labor it won't be so hard and long to push the baby out. Good luck with your new baby and congrats.

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Q: I have been told that my babys head is engaged im 34 weeks what does this mean?
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If your 36 weeks pregnant and your babys head is engaged and your 90 effaced and one centimeter dialted when will labor come?

very soon! when? labor is unpredictable.

You are 40 weeks and babys head is engaged and had a show 5 days ago you must be getting close now?

Yes! Get rest now while you can - it could be any day (or hour) now!

What does four fifths palpable mean in pregnancy?

It represents how much your babys head is engaged in the pelvis. Four fifths palpable equals one fifth engaged.

When was Head First - The Babys album - created?

Head First - The Babys album - was created in 1978.

Im 38 weeks pregnant your babys head is 1 third engaged and im 1cm dilated and the cervix is very soft when will labor begin?

Nothing is certain in pregnancy and birth. You best advice will come from the medical people who are overseeing your birth.

37 weeks pregnant and babies head is fully engaged what does this mean?

I believe that this means the babies head is in the correct position for birth.

My baby's head is engaged when will baby come?

Well good question but it is a 69% chance it will. The reason is because a babys bones are 2 times softer then ours.

Im 39 weeks pregnant and 2cm dialated baby is engaged and head down how long do you have?

Months, hang in there!!

Soft spot on a babys head?


How many bones are in a babys head?


What happens when a babys head gets stuck?

It dies

36 weeks pregnant with 2nd child - bad braxton hicks some that feel like labor pains - midwife says the babys head is real low - should I expect to go into labor soon?

I am 40 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby and experience strong braxton hicks for about 4 weeks. The babys head is on zero since 3 weeks and i dilated to 3 cm about 2 weeks ago, and i am still waiting. If you still have your mucus plug I would guess you have another 2 - 3 weeks... but who knows, the little treasures come when they are ready and not us! Good luck and hang in there

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