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The positive cable is hooked on the solenoid contact and the negative is hooked to the body of the car. With such connections you will never get the sparking issues.

Reverse polarity is the opposite of normal polarity. Normal polarity in electronics is when you have the positive hooked up to the positive terminal and the negative to the negative terminal. Reverse polarity would be having the positive hooked up to the negative terminal and the negative to the positive terminal. The same concept can be used with magnets.

I can't say that I'm hooked on TV. Others may have a different answer, though.

Electrons flow through wires that are hooked to a battery. The battery's negative terminal repels the electrons, while the positive terminal attracts them.

Yes, but be very careful of where it is hooked to - positive to positive, ground to frame on the car being jumped - otherwise, it can damage the electronics.

Follow your positive wire from battery and it should take you to the starter that is hooked to the transmission.

Hi: With a hooked index finger, tap down in the air several times.

Hooked on what? Hooked on phonics, ebonics,drugs, sex? What exactly are you asking? Hooked on what? Hooked on phonics, ebonics,drugs, sex? What exactly are you asking? Hooked on what? Hooked on phonics, ebonics,drugs, sex? What exactly are you asking?

The one hooked to the negative battery post. The positive post is slightly larger.

Indirectly. The positive cable on the battery is hooked to the starter. The other wire on the starter post goes up to the alternator.

If you are looking for the hooked definition of addicted, then the synonym for hooked is absorbed/devoted/prone.

I guess its the same feeling of when you get hooked on a song. The beat of and the tune of it gets really addicting and catchy. But music of a different language shouldn't stop you from liking it right?

Electrons are negatively charged, and so are attracted to the positive end of a battery and repelled by the negative end. So when the battery is hooked up to something that lets the electrons flow through it, they flow from negative to positive.

Well what is the TV hooked up to? Has it ever worked before you hooked it up to whatever you hooked into now?

The duration of Hooked on You is 1.62 hours.

the positive piece on the first battery is connected to the negative piece on the next battery in the series and the negative pole from the first one is the negative you connect to the device you are powering and the positive pole on the very last battery in this series is the one you connect to the positive terminal on your device.

An Xbox 360 requires several different kinds of cables in order to be hooked up to a television. The cables required are: audio cables, image quality cables, and a cable to link systems.

different states have different laws. but most states allow you to have nos hooked up, its just ilegal to use it.

It is hooked to help them climb and dig into vegetables.

Yes, it has to be hooked and used correctly.

They're hooked to a transmission which is hooked to an engine.

The hooked seeds get dispersed by animals and birds.

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