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I know Inu means dog in Japanese but what does Yasha mean?


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February 28, 2013 11:13AM

Your right when it comes to the inu bit, that is dog, and a lot of people do get confused and give different translations, but an actual Japanese person said to me, that 'Yasha' really means, 'forest spirit'.... so that's what i think it is. its not girl dog or demon, and obvious reaosns why not are, one because we already know that inuyasha himself is a guy and i don't think makers of inuyasha would call him a girl name purposely if they made him a guy, and two inuyasha is a half demon/hanyou, so it wouldn't make sense to call him a dog demon. :D that's my anaylsis ED ^ ^ x x x (sorry its so long)

Yasha is formed from two kanji: "Ya" means "night" in this case & "sha" means "person". I believe together they're supposed to mean "demon", or something similar.