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Ok I been I had that happen to me. Just listen to what he says when he talks to you if he a really good guy when he nice it just might be worried you might see that he fancys you but if he nice to you but only mean to you when hes with his friends he problely likes you but if he just a bit random he just might be a ass so in that cause forget about him.

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Q: I like this guy but then he is nice and mean?
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Do guys like mean girls or the nice girls?

Differs from guy to guy, however, most guys like nice girls.

How do you make a guy you like less mean to you?

Be nice to him!

A guy you like is being really nice to your friend does he like her?

If a guy is really nice to youre friend it doesn't mean he likes her so don't worry.

What does it mean when a guy says you have a nice butt but says he doesnt like you?

It means he thinks you have a nice butt but doesn't like you.

What does mean when a guy says if you like?

well, that means that he is trying to be nice and do something that you like

Does a guy smile at a girl he doesn't like?

Yes, i mean i'd think well if he's a nice guy.

Bille Joe Armstrong Nice or mean?

I think Billie is Preety nice! if he had to be mean i still wouldn't call him that he seems like a preety nice guy! he has awesome hair peace!

Is inuyasha a nice guy?

Inuyasha is a nice guy. He just mean as hell what i mean is that he can be nice when he want to be nice and he can be a jerk when he want to be one and he can be sweet when he also want to be one

Why are girls so mean to guys?

Immaturity. Not a nice person. Don't mind these people.

Is Vincent nice?

he seems like a nice guy... Ive seen him on YouTube a lot and not once he was mean.. but idk its a experienced guess

What does it mean when a guy knows you like him and is nice to you?

it means that he also likes but is too shy to tell it

What does it mean when a guy gives you pearls for Christmas?

It means that he thinks you would like nice with pearls on.