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I hope you have a signed contract with the contractor. Give him fair warning to perform the contract to its specifications or you will take him to court. If he does not - file suit against him for breach of contract.

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Q: I live in Texas and hired a general contractor to do some work for me. I paid him for supplies but he has yet to finish the job or bring all the supplier to me. What shall I do next?
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What can I do to a contractor who didn't finish his job and now I am in default with zoning?

If you didn't have a written contract with the contractor then there is nothing you can do because he is not entitled to finish the job if it's not in writing.

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What can you do if you paid a contractor for supplies and work and he has not completed the job after numerous calls?

I suggest taking the contractor to small claims court. Small claims is fast, easy, informal, and requires no lawyer or legal knowledge. To have a successful case, you will need to have a licensed contractor finish the job. The amount of your claim would be the amount of money you paid the new contractor. If the amount in jeopardy exceeds the small claims jurisdictional limit, you must retain an attorney and sue in the court of general jurisdiction (Superior Court, Circuit Court, etc.--name varies by state). If you are looking for an attorney, if possible, choose one who will give you a free consultation. If this is not listed in their telephone book listing, just call attorneys and find one who will talk to you for free. Another powerful tool for consumers is a website called Ripoff Report. This website is designed to embarrass businesses into taking care of their consumers. Once you sign up for a free account, you can post a Ripoff Report against your contractor at no cost to you. The process is completely confidential, but you can warn other consumers about the con artist, and hopefully get him to pay for another contractor to finish the job. I have posted a link to the Ripoff Report website below.

What can be done if contractor does not complete work on proposed contract?

They do not get paid, and if it is made public that they did not finish their work, they will not be hired again to do any work and will be unemployed.

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What does it mean to bond a job in construction?

The owner who is accepting bids to perform work requires the contrator to purchase a bond which guarantees that should the contractor fail to perform the work the owner can have another contractor finish the work at no additional cost to the owner.

What do you need to sue a contractor that put a lien on my home without finishing the job in illinois?

Did you pay the contractor? If not, he had the right to lien your property. If you want to sue the contractor, you need to be able to prove that he did not finish the job. For example, if he put an addition on your house and did not roof it, you need to show in the contract where it states the work included roofing the addition.

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The purpose of a trowel is to use to smooth out concrete and to finish it. It is used by contractors, and is a ride on machine or stand behind machine used by the contractor.

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