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I need a recipie for a German cake?

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Do you need a recipe for a special german cake or just any german cake?

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How can you lessen the taste of salt in the cake?

double the recipie

How do you craft on wizard101?

To craft you need to have a crafting table. Then find the person with the recipie you want. buy the recipie. get all the utems the recipie says you need. Goto to your crafting table and click on the recipie. Now click the button to craft. and there you go. :D

What is the first thing you need to have or do before making a cake?

You need a good recipie book and all the igreediants you need. You also have tio make sure you've made enough time to atualy make the cake. You need to make sure that all the ingreediants are in date, not out of date coz you can get poorly is they are not. e.g. eggs, milk .

What is the German word for cake?

English: "the cake" is German: "der Kuchen".

Can Splenda be used in place of sugar in a pie or cake recipe?

Splenda can be used in place of sugar, but be prepared to tweak the recipie considerably.

How do you forge on rune factory?

you need to get weapon recipie bread from blaise

Is German chocolate cake German?


Whear those German chocolet cake origin?

German Chocolate Cake originated in Germany.

Say cake in German?

The cake - Der Kuchen.

What is the difference between German chocolate cake and chocolate cake?

German Chocolate is a brand name. it is melted and added to the cake batter as is typical with most formulas. Chocolate cake can be made with cocoa, or other sweetened chocolates of ANY brand name. typically German chocolate cakes have that ewwie gooey caramel/coconut/pecan filling and or frosting ,in this part of the country. so a German chocolate cake, is a chocolate cake.. but a chocolate cake, is only a German chocolate cake when German's chocolate is used.

Which rich cake begins with G?

German chocolate cake

Which cake names begin with S?

· Sachertorte (Austrian chocolate cake) · Sponge Cake · Streuselkuchen (German cake)

Are there any good diabetic carrot cake recipes?

There are several good diabetic carrot cake recipies. Or you can take your favorite carrot cake recipie and make it diabetic by using splenda or some other diabetic safe sweetener and use whole wheat flour.

How can one make German chocolate cake?

A German Chocolate cake is a dark chocolate sponge cake which is then layered with coconut an pecans. A lot of effort is required to make this cake and will take approximately two hours.

How do you spell cake in German?


What is gugelhopfen?

It is a type of German cake

What a cake in German?

das Kuchen

What German word for cake?


What makes a German chocolate cake different than a regular chocolate cake?

It has the word German wrote in front of it and was designed in Germany.

Why is German chocolate Cake called German chocolate Cake?

German chocolate cake is called German Chocolate Cake because it's Chocolate Cake from Germany. The above answer is incorrect. It is called German's Chocolate Cake, the "'s" is often left off. It is called this because of the type of chocolate used. German's chocolate was created by a man named Sam German who worked for Baker's Chocolate. That is why you can find German's chocolate as a flavor option from Baker's. The recipe for German's Chocolate Cake actually first appeared in 1957 in a newspaper in Dallas, TX.

Is German chocolate cake a top 10 cake in Germany?

German Chocolate cake is known in Germany as a very delicate, good cake. And is know as one of ther best desserts there. It has loads of chocolate and coconut is on top.

How many calories in a homemade banana muffin?

It depends on what you recipie is....if you want to post the recipie its pretty easy to break down...also include how many muffins you get out of one recipie.

What is the best kind of cake?

I think Party Cake is the best personally.I think that root beer cake is the best cake.German Chocolate

Where does the name cookies come from?

From the Dutch and German. A 'koek' is a cake. A koekie is a little cake.

Can you substitute a Devil's Food cake mix for a German Chocolate cake mix?

Yes you can