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yes you can get pregnant i was on depo for 3 monthes and as soon as i missed my seconde shot i got pregnant and i still had an irregular period but still concieved

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I miss my depo can I be pregnant
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Q: I stopped using depo and a month later got my period does that mean i can get pregnant?
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Is there a chance of getting pregnant after you stopped taking birth control?

YES! After being on the pill for a year, I finally stopped taking it. About a month and a half later I had horrible menstrual-like cramping and thought I was getting my period. Well, it never came and I later found out that I had gotten pregnant after getting off the pill but before my period returned.

How soon after you become pregnant will your periods stop coming?

My period stopped after my 4th month of pregnancy

Can you still be pregnant if you had a missed period and implantation bleeding and then get your period a month later?


I stopped the pill 3 months ago the next month I had my period late an this month nothing at all could I be pregnant?

If you've had unprotected sex for 3 months of course you can be pregnant.

What's wrong if you stopped the pill about a month ago but after you stopped the pill you had unprotected sex and now one month later you still haven't gotten your period?

you are prob expecting now

What do it mean when you spot after your period?

last month i didnt have a normal period or this month . thismonth i had a period for one to two days now a week later i a bleeding brownish red am i pregnant ?

I had 2 period last month how will i know if I am pregnant?

i had 2 period last month how will i know if i iam pregnent?

I had stopped taking the pill and then a month later was intamate with a guy without having sex. I then had a period 2 days later. I haven't had a period since. Could I be pregnant or pill withdrawl?

I am assuming that when you say "without having sex" you meant without a penis entering a vagina. In that case it is nearly impossible to get pregnant. Tell your doctor if it has been a few months

Can you get your period the first month you get pregnant?

If you are having a period, you re not pregnant. You cannot be pregnant until after your last period.

Are you pregnant if you dont have your period one month but you get it the month after that?

No you are not

Could you get pregnant if you were on the pill for a month but stopped taking it then 21 days later you had protected sex?

It depends on what you were using as protection on day 21.

What could cause period to come a week later every month then last month?

Your period will vary naturally, but if you missed a period entirely you should go see a doctor ASAP to see if you're pregnant.

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