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yes you can get pregnant i was on depo for 3 monthes and as soon as i missed my seconde shot i got pregnant and i still had an irregular period but still concieved


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YES! After being on the pill for a year, I finally stopped taking it. About a month and a half later I had horrible menstrual-like cramping and thought I was getting my period. Well, it never came and I later found out that I had gotten pregnant after getting off the pill but before my period returned.

You know a woman is pregnant if her monthly period (or menstruation) is stopped for one month and after (but not permanently)

My period stopped after my 4th month of pregnancy

I know this girl that had her period like normal for 3months and then she stopped have her period and she was pregant and she was going on her 4th month.

Having a period is a good indication that you are not pregnant, if you still have concerns take a pregnancy test.

If you have had a period after having relations, then you are not pregnant. Pregnancy is more likely when you have not had a period for more than a month...

Yes, and it's a good bet that you are. No period = pregnant.

last month i didnt have a normal period or this month . thismonth i had a period for one to two days now a week later i a bleeding brownish red am i pregnant ?

yes you can be pregnant if you don't have your period this month

If you had your period then you are not pregnant.

If you are having a period, you re not pregnant. You cannot be pregnant until after your last period.

It is unlikely that you can get pregnant during your period. However, if you are pregnant, you period will cease after a month or so.

Your period will vary naturally, but if you missed a period entirely you should go see a doctor ASAP to see if you're pregnant.

could i be pregnant if i had my period twice in one month and than once the next month

I am assuming that when you say "without having sex" you meant without a penis entering a vagina. In that case it is nearly impossible to get pregnant. Tell your doctor if it has been a few months

I started birth control last month for the first time in a long time the sunday after my period and it messed up my hormones so I stopped within the first week of starting the pack and then stared bleeding again a few days later and the day after I stopped bleeding I had sex and my boyfriend came in me how likely is it to get pregnant since I wast really on birth control for long but I still had my period?

ok ok so this would be a iregular period if you dont have a period next month take a test. take note for the next few week to see if your body starts to change.

maybe go take a pregnancy test and find out. Your mind can trick you by giving you symptoms when your not pregnant. It sounds like a period but a lighter period

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