Depo-Provera is an injectable contraceptive product which is administered every three months. Manufactured by Pfizer Inc., the product prevents the ovaries from producing eggs. It is a highly effective contraceptive method with a success rate of 99.7%.

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When can you get pregnant after stopping Depo-Provera?

Some women get pregnant within weeks of the due date of their next injection; for others, it may take up to 18 months. The average time until return to fertility is 11 months. The length of time a woman uses depo doesn't seem to make a difference in how long it takes to conceive. After the 18 months have passed, women get pregnant at the same rate as women who have never used Depo Provera; it has no long-term effect on fertility.

While you can go on the birth control pill to have a monthly withdrawal bleed, going on the birth control pill will not help you get pregnant faster after Depo Provera. There is no special "cleansing regimen" that will help you get pregnant faster.


When does Depo-Provera become effective?

  • If you get your first Depo shot within the first seven days of menstrual bleeding, no back up method is needed - it's immediately effective.
  • If started at any other time in the menstrual cycle, use a back up method for seven days, unless you recently took the prescription morning after pill called ella, in which case you should use a back up method for fourteen days.
  • If you're switching from the shot, implant, or another birth control pill, and you're not late in starting the new method, no backup is needed.
  • If you're starting within five days of an in-clinic suction abortion, no backup is needed.
  • If you're starting within seven days of mifepristone for medication abortion, no backup is needed.
  • If you're starting within 21 days of a delivery of a baby, no backup is needed.

As long as it was given within 5 days of your period, It's one of the most affective forms of contraception. It's something like 99.7% effective.


Do antibiotics affect Depo-Provera?

It depends on the type of antibiotic. Very few medications decrease the effectiveness of Depo Provera, and they are not the most commonly used ones. The only antibiotics that can affect Depo Provera include certain medications for HIV, and griseofulvin. Contact your health care provider or pharmacist to see if the antibiotic will affect how well Depo Provera works.

Pregnancy Tests

Does Depo-Provera affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test?

No. The hormones detected by a pregnancy test is for a growth hormone the embryo produces to help maintain the pregnancy. The Depo Provera shot is a different type of hormone that has nothing to do with any hormones detected by a pregnancy test.

A positive pregnancy test means you're pregnant, even if you are on or recently stopped Depo Provera.

A negative pregnancy test means you're not pregnant, or that you took the test too early. Repeat the test in a week or two. If that one is also negative, you're not pregnant.

Since women often have no period when they're on Depo Provera and after they stop the shot, many come to believe they must be pregnant. Symptoms ranging from breast tenderness and cramping (which can mean ovulation after stopping depo provera) to headaches, gas, and yeast infection become "proof" to women that they must be pregnant. Take one pregnancy test is you really think you might be pregnant. Take another two weeks later. Follow the instructions that come with the test. If you're pregnant, that second test will come up positive. Don't waste your money taking a dozen pregnancy tests.


Can you get pregnant after stopping Depo-Provera before your next period starts?

Getting Pregnant After Being on Depro Provera

Give your body a chance to recover. Expecting a period within the first month is a little optimistic if you haven't had a period for three years! The depo shot "switches off" your body's normal hormone producing ability and you need to give yourself time to get it back. Of course it is possible you are pregnant - after all some women can get pregnant straight away.

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  • Yes, you can get pregnant if you did not get a Depo Provera birth control shot, even if your period hasn't regulated itself yet. I was on Depo for four years, and it took five months for my period to regulate after I stopped taking the shot. You are able to get pregnant, so be careful.
  • I was due to have Depo injection on December 10 2004. I did not go for the injection because I am trying for a baby with my husband. My husband and I had sex between 27th of January and 10th of February. Two weeks later I had a strange period with a lot of cramping. After 3 weeks I started having all pregnancy symptoms. I had two home pregnancy test come back negative. Now I am 8 weeks pregnant. I felt pregnant 6 weeks after stopping Depo and without period.
  • If you ovulated, yes.
  • i was due to have the shot on 22 January -and 22 April but i did not go for it me and my boy friend was trying for a baby and now we are having baby

When do you get your period after stopping Depo-Provera?

After stopping depo provera, your period may return within weeks, or may be delayed for up to 18 months. On average, women start ovulating and having normal periods eleven months after stopping depo provera.

Here are some stories from users on the return of their period after stopping Depo Provera.

I chose not to get my most recent depo provera shot and got my period one and a half months after that due date.

I was on the depo shot for almost three years. When I stopped taking the shot, it was 15 months before I got my next period.

I had taken Depo Provera In 2003. I took it for one year and it took about 3 months for my period to return after one full year of use. In July 2010. I took one shot of depo provera. Nov I did not have a period, December i had the lightest period of my entire life. and Jan I have not started my period. yesterday i had a few spotting dribbles.

i was on the depo injection for a year and a half. We decided that in September 08 to come off it and start trying for a baby. It is now June 09 and i haven't seen a period since.

I was on Depo for 15 years straight, never missed one shot or took a break until this past April, when I missed my first shot. I decided to stay off and my period started in July. It's November now and I'm actually pretty regular.

I was on Depo for 6 years after I had my daughter. I was due for my shot in May of 07. We decited that we were going to try again. My cycle started sept 07 and has been on time ever since.

The amount of time that it takes for your cycle to return will vary based on numerous factors. One thing that we often forget is that if you have your last shot in January, then the shot will continue working as scheduled until your next shot would be due. Therefore, you didn't 'go off' the shot in January, you stopped taking it when your next scheduled shot would have been, which would be April. Your count should begin in April.

It can take a while before your body gets back to normal after stopping depo. I was on depo for four years, and didnt get my period for five months after stopping depo.

With me, i took the depo shot for a year a half and then in dec 04 was when my last shot was due...i didnt take it..and then on feb 2 05 i got my period back....I know someone who was on the needle for only 2 shots..and her period didnt come back for almost a as said..depends on your body.

I was on it for half a year and i havent got one in 6 months.

I took my last shot Feb '05 and still have not got my period and it is November '05.

I got my last shot in March of 05 and its now November 05 and I still havent gotten my period. I spotted once over the summer for 2 days but other than that nothing. When i was supposed to go for my June injection I had them prescribed me birth control pills instead. I asked the doctor if it was normal that I wasnt getting my period yet and he said it is completely normal and as long as I was taking the birth control pills correctly I didnt have to worry about getting pregnant.

I was on Depo from June 2003 until August 2005. I was due for another shot in November, but decided t get off. Since then I have had 2 periods. 1 in December 2005 and in January 2006.

I have been on the shot for 2 year and I just decided to to off of the shot... I was supposed to get another shot on March 4 of 2008, I skipped it and I came on my period a month after missing the shot

I had my son on April 7th 2006 I got the marina put in was on it for about a year and changed to the depo shot was on it for 2 1/2 years stoped taking it in dec 2008 , now it is July 25th 2009 and I still havent had my period.

I was on the shot for nine months and decided I wanted to stop. I had one period on time the month after I stopped, but this month I haven't had one.

I was on depo for just under 2 years, my last shot was due on 7/10/09 and i never took it. its now December and i have had a very heavy period for the last week and half as if all the ones i missed have come to say hello you can avoid us but only for so long, and its begining to get me very down.

I know of people that stopped taking depo and started cycles immediately. I stopped taking depo in 11/09 and still haven't had a cycle.

I recently got off Depo-Provera in April and my period started at the beginning of August.

I was on Depo for 13 years and also did not get my period during that time. I am now 38 and went off of Depo in May of '07 and starting getting my period July "07. In which, I got pregnant that quickly after being off (Sept."07).

I got off my depo shot Nov of '07 and was on my period January 5 of '08, but everyone body is different, it took my little sister 1 year to start her period. It is your body when it is ready it will come down you better enjoy it because when it do you are going to wish it never did.

I to had a depo shot in August 2009 and didn't get it in Novemeber. I had a slight period before my shot was even up to be given again in Nov. I got on birth control for 2 months and stopped that as well in Dec. I had somewhat normal periods with the pill. Since being on nothing I have had 2 months of a few drops of brown period and then finally last month i had a massive period as well as this month. So, it all depends on the person.

I stopped taking the shot Friday 13th of february 09 and got my period back in a week and along with the cramping so it all depends on your body and you

I wanted to put some of your minds to ease. I created this account primarily to answer this question. I have been off depo shot 3 months now, meaning that I received my last shot 6 months ago. I am not on a seasonal birth control, AND I GOT MY PERIOD RIGHT ON TIME. no complications. I loved depo shot and was on it for six years. After reading all the negative post I though I would share my positive experience. Also, after reading all these negative post I myself became concerned, my best friend gave me some great advise that I think can help anyone reading online health post. He said" they wouldn't write about it if everything was normal." Hope this helps :)

I was supposed to get my 2nd depo shot 3 months ago. I only had the 1 depo shot back in october 08, supposed to be worn off mid jan. Now it's 3 months since I should have gotten back to normal and had a period, no signs yet. I read alot on the internet that most people who get off the needle dont get their periods back until 6-12 months later!

After i stooped using depo my period started just 3 week after. But, not everyone has the same effects. It depend on your body

I have been off of Depo for 5 months now and in a week it will be 6 months and still have not started my period. I'm not for sure, but most say around 6-9 months after stopping (depending on your body) depo you should start.

Just thought i would leave you a note about my experience.. I had only ever had 2 shots of depo and the last one ran out Aug 08, so its been nearly a year since being off it. As for my periods.. about May 09 i came on for the first time, but they werent regular (infact a bit too regular) they were coming every other week without fail for 2 months and then just stopped and from then until now nothing at all. I havent been using contraception as me n my partner want our first baby, i have done a pregnancy test but negative. So a year after stopping depo still no regular periods. Sorry i couldn't be more positive.

I came off the injection 6 months ago and I still havent had a period

It took a year for my period to return

My sister had her last depo shot in November and got married in December. She wanted to get pregnant which the doctor told her would take her some time. In May/June she got pregnant. Basically like 5 - 6 months after the shot.
I was on the depo for about a year after stopping it I got my period a month later I'm hoping to conceive a baby, which by my research isn't looking too hopeful

Pregnancy Tests

How do you know if you are pregnant if you are on Depo-Provera?

If you are referring to the depo shot, many women have very light to no periods while on it. Chances of getting pregnant are very slim but the only way to know if you are is if you take a pregnancy test especially if you start having other than the missed period pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, frequent urination, tender breasts, increase in appetite, etc.


What medication affects Depo-Provera?

There are a number of medications that can interact with Depo Provera. A partial list includes Provigil, certain HIV medications, certain anti-epilepsy medications, certain barbiturates, griseofulvin, and rifampin. This list is not complete, so check with both the prescriber and the pharmacist before starting any new medication.
There is a very short list of drugs that can affect how well Depo Provera works. Ask your health care provider or pharmacist if you have a question about a specific medication.
Some drugs or herbal products that may decrease the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives include:









•St. John's wort



What are the side effects of Depo-Provera?

Health Risks

Studies released in 2004 show that Depo Provera is associated with a loss of bone density resulting in an increased risk of osteoporosis. The bone loss appears not to be reversed when the woman goes off Depo Provera.

Side Effects

70% of women using Depo Provera gain weight. Almost half of the women using Depo Provera gain more than 5 pounds after one year of use. Many women gain more than 10 pounds.

Irregular, heavy, or no bleeding are common side effects of Depo Provera. After a year of use, many women stop having periods. Lack of a period becomes increasingly common with longer use.

Other side effects of Depo Provera can include headaches, nervousness, mood changes, bloating, hot flashes, decreased interest in sex, breast tenderness, acne, hair loss, and back ache. After the last shot of Depo Provera, it can take over 6 months for the drug to leave the body. Side effects may linger until the drug is completely gone.

  • Abdominal pain or discomfort
  • Acne, breakouts
  • Allergic reactions
  • Asthenia, weakness
  • Breast Cancer
  • Change in color of stool to green
  • Depression
  • Drowsiness
  • Fever
  • Hair loss
  • Headaches
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased STD risk
  • Infertility
  • Nausea
  • Nervousness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Rage, irritability
  • Swelling
  • For females, menstrual changes. These include lots of bleeding, spotting, pr bleeding between cycles.
  • Weakened bones with long-term use. (osteoporosis)
  • Weight gain or loss

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Side-Effects of Contraception InjectionWeight gain is more likely about 70% of women experience 10 lbs or more. Loss of bone density is also a factor and calcium supplements should be taken. Mood swings or depression is also common. A decrease in sexual desire can also be a side effect. I actually had hair loss when I was coming off of the drug not while I was on it and I lost the weight. Fertility afterwards is an issue it can be 6-18 months for you to conceive.

In my experience with the shot I lost about 30 lbs and keep it off the whole 5 yrs. I also noticed a loss of hair more than normal and mood swings really bad ones. I also craved foods I never did before. when I went off the shot everything calmed down but I put the 30 lbs back on plus about 15 more.

If you are talking about the depo-provera contraceptive injection the side affects vary with different people. I went on the injection for 7 months and during that time I put on weight, had stomach cramps and heavy bleeding for a majority of the time. The downside to the injection is that even if you get a top up on the injection the effects may not stop. The injection stays in your system for anything up to six months after you stop getting it and the cramps and bleeding can continue long after you had the last injection. Personally i wouldn't recommend it but you should inquire more information at your local GP or contact the Abacus Centre.

I got the depo back in January and it is now may. i had my period for at least 8 weeks, I still have not had them back. I have been told it can take up to one year for them to come back. I put on weight with the injection. I would not recommend to anyone if I'm honest. But if you do need more information contact your local gp or health nurse.

You get side effects like you are pregnant. When I first got on it, I took 2 pregnancy test because I had morning sickness l craving. Turns out I wasn't pregnant just a side effect. You may get your period for a very long time. I've been on mine for a month already and doctors say its normal. You get a lot of mood swings & can gain or loose you appetite. When the shot wears off & you don't get it again you get horrible! Insanely horrible cramps! I have woken up screaming of the pain. & to top it off if you stop taking it its still in your body for 12months so its hard to get pregnant if you're trying. Worse birth control ever! Hands down

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Spotting While Pregnant

What would having brownish spotting in between periods mean?

Brown vaginal discharge is most often associated with old endometrial tissues. If your period is late you might get a brown, rather than red, discharge. It could also mean that for whatever reason during your last menses the entire uterine lining failed to make a timely exit. Brown Discharge may happen right after periods, and is just "cleaning out" your vagina. Old blood looks brown. This may occur when you are ovulating in the middle of menstrual cycle.

Brown vaginal discharge can also be a symptom of a medical concern that is much more sinister than leftover endometrial cells. Some of these conditions include Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), menopause, sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, Chlamydia or genital warts) or cervical cancer.

Sometimes brown discharge could appear during using birth control pills which is a side effect of pills.

It is called breakthrough bleeding, the color is brown because it is old blood. It is a very common side effect when taking the pill. If you are not on the pill, ask your doctor to ensure it's not a sign of something more serious. Luck to you.

Irregular periods and spotting in between periods is quite frequent among women. If it happens once in a while (meaning up to a couple times a year), it might not mean anything serious.

The brown color is due to old blood cells sometimes mixed in with discharge.

If it happens frequently, you should contact your doctor or gynecologist.

The above it true, but also a woman might have light bleeding when she is ovulating.

All of the above is true but its not serious if you have brown spots. After all the system is cleaning its self!

Spotting between periods could also mean that you are pregnant.


Can depo provera affect future fertility?

Some women get pregnant within weeks of the due date of their next injection; for others, it may take up to 18 months. The average time until return to fertility is 11 months. The length of time a woman uses depo doesn't seem to make a difference in how long it takes to conceive. After the 18 months have passed, women get pregnant at the same rate as women who have never used Depo Provera; it has no long-term effect on fertility.

While you can go on the birth control pill to have a monthly withdrawal bleed, going on the birth control pill will not help you get pregnant faster after Depo Provera. There is no special "cleansing regimen" that will help you get pregnant faster.

I was on depo for 2 years after my daughter was born in 1994 (which was an accident after missing 2 pills... so no problems there!), it took another 5 years after coming off depo using no contraception to get my son, and I haven't used contraception since and have not fallen pregnant. So I'd say yes it's definitely possible. Sorry:o( Good luck though, I hope you're lucky. Good luck trying. I had one shot in 1999 and I still havent had a regular period or been able to get pregnant. I get 3 periods a year and I have been recently diagnosed with endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and although my doctor cant prove it, he suspects it was triggered by taking depo-provera. Two surgeries later and lots of meds, and nothing has changed. I hope everything works out for you though. Good luck.

: How long does it take to get it out of your system?? My best friend got the shot a few times and SEVEN years later of trying to conceive is unsuccessful. : YOU CAN BECOME STERILE. I was so mad on behalf of my friend that I did a load of research about this drug and am officially disgusted what women go through for the "convenience" of this anti-conception injection. I feel angry that pharmaceutical companies gloss over very real side-effects. : You can loose your bone density, increase your chances of cervical cancer, migraines, ectopic pregnancy, and anemia, among other things. I recommend reviewing all sides of a drug like this before taking it, not just the information offered by the doctor who will forget your name when you leave the office, or may have personal bias regarding general population trends. : This is not a safe drug in my opinion. It has not been reported. When you get off depo provera it could take up to a year just to become pregnant. This is normal and your bodys way of adjusting to normal again because when you are on birth control it makes your body believe that it is pregnant. I have heard that it can cause sterilization. Never met anyone it happened to though.. It took 15 mths for me to get pregnant w/my son after stopping the depo.. So if your trying.. keep up the faith.. :) Hi, I haven't heard of the DEPO causing fertility problems in women. Fertility problems are usually caused by a variety of things so if you're worried, then please see your doctor for a check up.

it took me 3years to conceive once i stopped taking the depo and i have been on it again but stopped a year ago and still waiting to conceive again i will not be going back on it again as takes to long for your body to get back to normal.

No. It may take 6-18 months to get your period back but you should be able to conceive again. Every woman is different. My friend was on it for 6 years and she got her period back and was pregnant 7 months after stopping the shot. I stopped taking the shot in November 2010 and got my period back in March 2011, I am now ttc.

Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods

How effective is Depo-Provera and withdrawal?

If you are on the shot you are protected against pregnancy. No birth control can protect you 100%. Depo is one of the most effective means of avoiding pregnancy (other than not having sex) and alone is about 99.7% effective. While withdrawal on its own is not a very effective method, it does reduce the risk of pregnancy somewhat (it's even more effective than the diaphragm). Using Depo Provera along with pulling out will further reduce the risk of pregnancy.

It's debated on whether or not pre-cum does have sperm in it. It is generally agreed that pre-cum does have sperm if the male partner has ejaculated immediately before or during vagina intercourse and hasn't had a chance to clean up or urinate before continuing again. There is always a possibility that pre-cum may have sperm in it anyhow, but again, this is debatable.

With pre-cum, there is always a possibility of pregnancy, but it is very unlikely that you'll become pregnant from it because of the protection of the Depo Provera and the small possibility that the pre-cum contains sperm.

If you're worried about pregnancy, double up on your protection with a condom (male or female), a female sponge, or spermicide. These aren't your only options for doubling your protection, but are commonly used.

If you are up to date on your depo shot and since precum doesn't generally contain any sperm you should be safe.

Birth Control
Birth Control Pill
Birth Control Patch

Does Topamax affect birth control?

If you're taking more than 200 mg of Topamax, it could make the birth control pill, ring, or patch less effective.

Topamax does not affect how well Depo Provera, the IUD, or condoms work.

Pregnancy Tests
Pregnancy - hCG Levels

What are HCG levels?

HGC LevelsHere are answers and opinions from FAQ Farmers:
  • I don't know the exact definition, but it is a hormone a woman's body produces when she is pregnant. Home pregnancy tests have chemicals that "look" for HCG in the urine. If there is HGC in the urine, the test will show a positive.
  • HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone ONLY produced during pregnancy. I'm not really sure if "levels" are important, just if it's there or not. That's what pregnancy tests screen for in your urine.
  • From what I understand, after two or more blood tests, the doctor can tell wheather the levels of HCG are rising, or lowering. If they are rising, it is good, because it rises a lot over the first three months (also the cause for most morning sickness). If they levels are rapidly decreasing, it's a sign of a miscarriage (that happened to me, that's the only reason I know all this), and if it's slowly decreasing, it probably means your into your second trimester, when the levels do drop or stop excessivly reproducing, but of course, still stay in your system. From one blood test, they can see if your pregnant, that's how the home pregnany tests work as well, but they can't tell if the pregnancy is viable until one or more blood tests are taken. I don't know if all this is totally right, but it's the gist of it.
  • The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone produced by the mother's body during pregnancy. This is also the hormone for which a home pregnancy testing kit will test. Most home pregnancy tests will detect levels of HCG at or above 50mlU, but some 'early response' style tests can detect smaller amounts. In a normal pregnancy, the HCG levels should at least double every two to three days in the first trimester. This is why two blood tests taken a couple of days apart are often used to determine the viability of an early pregnancy.


To be honest part of your answer is wrong. You can receive HGC after you are pregnant as well. If you look up on the internet about molar pregnancies... there is weird way that HGC levels are given off into your body without you being pregnant.


Rising HCG levels during pregnancy is important. If not enough HCG amount to support the current state of pregnancy the baby may be miscarried. Urine samples are done at every dr. appt. to check to make sure you have the right levels etc...

Percocet and Percodan

How long does Depo-Provera stay in your system?

How long does it take to get it out of your system?? My best friend got the shot a few times and SEVEN years later of trying to conceive is unsuccessful.YES YOU CAN BECOME STERILE.AND, you can loose your bone density, increase your chances of cervical cancer, migraines, and anemia. I recommend reviewing all sides of a drug like this before taking it, not just the information offered by the doctor who will forget your name when you leave the office, or may have personal bias regarding general population trends.This is not a safe drug in my opinion.

I was on depo provera for 4 years...and I was told that it takes 9 months for you to start releasing eggs again and ovulate...after that it releases eggs that cant be fertilized and little by little the eggs become better...if you happen to fertilized a bad are at risk of having a miscarriage..ive been trying to conceive for 2 1/2 years now....15 months of that my husband was gone for a deployment sooo really just a year or little over Ive been trying and I was finally late for my period about 9 days ago....though 3 days ago I got some bleeding...but the next day it was spotting now its gone so I don't know if its a period or now....

i was on depo for 3 1/2 years and was due shot in June 08, didnt go for it, and was told about a year for body to get back to normal, ive had two reg periods which started in aug 08 and its now october 08 and just found out im pregnant so everyones different.
The DEPO will stay in your system for 3 months but you can become pregnant and conceive, before the 3 month time frame is up. One in a 100 women getting a Depo shot every 12 weeks will get pregnant in a year. After stopping it takes on average a further 9-10 months to get pregnant. However this means that some women will get pregnant almost immediately and for others it may take 18 months.
Okay it can take anywhere from 3 to 10 months for the depo to wear out of your system Mine took from October 18 till Febuary11 for my period to come back
With any birth control such as the patch, shot, pill etc... it is recommended to use other means of contraception such as a condom for atleast 2 weeks to allow the medication to fully get into your system. If you have only had the patch on for a week, it should be out of your system in atleast 2 weeks following removal.
Theres really two answers to that question. According to the doctor, Depo protects you up to 10 days after your shot has "expired".

In terms of staying in your body, I am also looking for an answer to that. I was on depo for 6 years straight and stopped using it March of this year. I STILL haven't gotten my period. According to the research I've found so far, it can take your body anywhere from 6-24 months to get back to normal, i.e. get a period again (or at least regularly). But please keep in mind that just because you may not be getting a period, that doesnt mean that you are still protected against pregnancy!
i have been off depo provera for 7 months and it still in my system and i have not been able to have a baby yet good luck finding that out
It lasts three months.
My doctor answered this question for me and said that: The Depo shot is effectively out of your system 3 months after you've had your shot and you would be able to get pregnant then; he did however recommend waiting until you've had two regular periods before attempting conception, simply to be sure that there are no side effects from coming off the shot and to allow your body to return to a regular cycle.
If you are on depo provera it stays in the system for three go to take your shot every three months
Going Off Depo

The book Contraceptive Technology says: "It is not possible to discontinue Depo Provera immediately. Weight gain, depression, breast tenderness, allergic reactions, and menstrual irregularities may continue until Depo Provera is cleared from a woman's body, about 6 to 8 months after her last injection. After discontinuing Depo Provera, women may also have a 6 to 12 month delay in return of fertility."

You might try cleansing techniques to detox or eliminate the synthetic hormone from where it is stored in your body's tissues: drink lots of water every day, eat lots of fresh raw organic vegetables, drink raw vegetable juice, sweat in a steam room or sauna, get lots of exercise and fresh air. You can also ask at a health food store about herbal formulas or teas that help detoxify your body or that balance female hormones, or talk with a naturopathic physician or herbalist.

I really wish I could answer this question. I only been on depo for 9 months in the year 2008. In two months it will be two years since I've been off depo. After about 8 months to a year (not sure how long exactly) I finally got my period. However, I'm still having issues with getting wet..All the other side effects from depo have worn off but this one. I just want to know how long it's going to take until this shot completely wears off. It's a nightmare..
Sometimes. It can but if you want to be really safe, just get it the every 3 months. What happens is sometimes when people want to stop taking the shot, and try to become pregnant right away, they wont get pregnant right away because the shot is still in the system for many more months. Be careful with the depo provera though. I had it but my doctor told me that its dangerous and people have died from it and that the pill is more safer for the body.
The Depo shot is a kind of birth control with Long-lasting effects. It alters the cervix and the lining of the uterus. So if you've been on the shot for quite some time, the changes that occur in your body do not reverse quickly after you stray away from the injection. This means that the effects won't Completely wear off for many, many months.

Even if you've only had one injection, its effect will not be gone right at the end of that first 3 months. The body needs time to revert back to normal; this may also take months, but not as long as it would take after prolonged use of Depo.
depo is normally given every 12 weeks, so it stays in your system at least 12weeks
My obgyn said it don't matter how many times you took it it could take up to 12 to 24 months for every thing to go back to normal

I was on depo, and i have had three periods since I got off of it. Unforutanely you do not when it is out of your system. I have heard that Green Tea, Raw Organic Vegetables are great ways to get rid of it. Drinks lots of water and Vegetable Juice.

Also to I recommend that you get vitex and Clomid they are suppose to help regulate your body with your periods. the depo shot will defanitely mess up your cycles for a while but over time depending on your body they will go back to normal dont worry.

I absolutely hate that shot and will never get on any birth control Again!

It can take an average year to two years it all depends on the woman everyones different but dont worry it does leave ur system and u will soon start ovulating just not right away if u are not comfortable with this do not take depo.
it take 85-90 days which is about 3 months to ware out of your system so by July 2010 it will ware off
It is dependent on the person and how long you have been on depo. If you are not wanting to get pregnant, you should use a back up method of birth control.
that same day

Can you start depo provera before your next period starts?

You can get Depo Provera at any time in your cycle. Getting the first Depo Provera during your period is easier because it becomes effective faster (within 24 hours) when you take it in the first seven days of your period. If you get it at any other time in your cycle, you'll get a pregnancy test at the time of the injection. You should repeat the pregnancy test in two weeks. You also need to use a back up method of birth control for seven days.

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What are the odds of getting pregnant if you are on birth control and use the withdrawal method?

Birth control for everybody is different.

But as long as you are taking birth control correctly ( I'm talking about pill's taken at the same time everyday , without missing any) then yes you should be protected.

Be aware that certain antibiotics can lessen the effectiveness of birth control pills. To be safe, if you're taking antibiotics, use a condom as well.

Although if you are using the withdrawal method , this does not stop STD's or any other infections.

On the pill, 4 in every 100 women will becaome pregnant within a year, and that is still if you are taking it correctly; Everyday at the same time. If you are inconsistant--missing days, taking them late, or even taking antibiotics that may lower the effectiveness, etc, then your chances of getting pregnant are about 50/50 depending on your body. You either will, or you won't.

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What are the side effects of stopping depo-provera?

This is a really good question. I am about to be 37 and I have been on the Depo Provera shot for for 18 1/2 years. I suffered from depression and was put on Zoloft, I gained a lot of weight over the years, I was very, very tired, cried a lot, I also had headaches, muscle and joint aches, cyst like pimples, and most recently I have chipped teeth ( this was the final thing that made me decide to get off of the shot ). I have been off of the shot for one month now and this is what I have noticed. My headaches have gone down a lot, I am still tired, and I noticed that I am not crying as much, also my hunger is tapering off, I have also had nausea and cramping. Keep in mind everyone is different, but I am hoping that the other things will go away after time. I know that it will a while for me to get this out of my system because I've been on the shot for so long, but I figure it can't get any worse. As far as weight loss, I have not had any yet, but I am working on it and I am hopeful now that I am off of the medication.

pretty much go back to have a normal period and pms

I am going off depo, and having the same symptoms I had when I started it - nausea, exhaustion, mood swings.

Most women stop having their menses while on Depo. After discontinued, it is unpredictable when the periods will resume. Some women my take 6-12 months before they begin to ovulate again.

Extreme change in sex drive - or lack thereof :)

Moodiness definently but that comes mostly with all birth contraceptives. What I mostly experienced and hated was bleeding. This was for the first 6 months. I had my period way less and it wasnt regular but whenever I got it it would be heavy and last two weeks. Not fun. It hasn't been occurring recently and ive been on it for almost 9 months.

I found this site looking for more s after having only one treatment of the depo shot and having many severe side effects decided not to get the second shot and what I have went through so far is ......

I received my first shot in July of 2007 , bled for the first month after, then my period stopped and even after NOT getting the second shot I did not get my period until this month (march of 2008) now it won't stop. I bled for a normal 6 days and it quit and i thought I was finally back on track only to start cramping severely again and bleeding a few days later with no sight of an end. I came here looking for s on how long I can expect this to go on for. maybe this will help those not yet to this point.

If there is anyone past this point , please post so I know what or how much longer I have to endure this.

For me this makes 13 months after my one and only Depo shot (08-08) which caused 16 pounds weight gain in 6 weeks (Tell me that's from appetite-not!) A 20 point increase in bp and nearly 2 pt increase in my normal body temp!

The best advice I have is do a good body cleanse and wait 18 mos. Fertility sites say it can take up to 18 mos after the shot to get pregnant so I'm thinking that is when most effects should end.

My bp is back to normal, my period came back after 6 mos and normalized after 9 if I remember correctly. Temp STILL running 99.4 (10-09)when my normal was in the 97's.


what side effects can you expect from after stopping depo provera shot

Well there is the obvious side effect of not having a period for a good while after you come off it but the other problem that you can have is, once your periods start back then you could be getting them every 2nd week instead of once a month. I don't know if this is normal though.

New reply-

I took my last injection in Feb 2010 and was due for the next in May 2010. It is now July and no sign of a period. I decided to get off the shot because I took it for 10 years and am now almost 32 years old. I went to a doctor and he told me that some women gain 15lbs a year on depo and that it was notorious for weight gain. I am 100 lbs over weight and believe this has something to do with it since i have been walking 3-5 days a week for most of the last 10 years but have still put on weight that was almost impossible to lose. This month, I've noticed that my hair is falling out. I have researched this on the net and found that this is a common side effect of going off the shot. I feel like I might have a nervous break down when i see the amounts of hair i am losing! It's super scary. However, I guess it means that my body might be going through some changes? My question is, when will i stop losing hair?!!! I dont care about getting a period, but that would be nice to get over with too.

I have been using Depo for 4 years. I am 20 years old now. I stopped my shots in Jan, 2011. It is now Jan 2012. I just recently as of two months started my period for the first time since 16. I am now having my periods every other week. Doctors when giving Depo seem to leave a lot of details out. I've had a few doctors in the last four years, and none of them ever told me the possible effects. Does anyone know why I would be having my menstrual cycle two a month? And know when this crap will stop?

I had one shot of Depo in May of 2009. It made me so sick that I never got the 2nd shot. I was supposed to get the 2nd shot in August. Well, I have been bleeding ever since. Some days light, other days heavy. I have stomach cramping, have gained at least 10 lbs. am tired. This shot is the worst thing I have ever taken and do not recommend it to anyone.

Your body slowly goes back to normal.. If your one of the people like me who didnt get your period while on it, it will return.. prob. heavy and browinsh colored.. Per what the Doc. told me it takes about a year for your body to be completely rid of the depo.. that is why it usually takes about that long before you can get pregnant.. but everyone is different.. so if you dont want a baby.. be careful!!!

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Can you get a tattoo if you're on Depo-Provera?

I have multiple tattoos, and have been on hormonal birth control (of varying types) since I was 15. I've researched the health risks of tattoos, and have never once heard of a contraindication between tattoos, and hormonal birth control. Should be fine.


Can stopping Depo-Provera make your period longer or more painful?

I had one shot that lasted 3 months, took the shot in May was suppose to get another shot in August but i didn't, i didn't get my period until October, it has been pretty regular, heavy on the first 3 days then light for the last two, and yes the pain is a lot more intense.


Can depo provera cause a missed period?

Everyone who goes on Depo Provera has changes in her bleeding. Some women bleed more, others bleed less. In the first months of use, you may have bleeding or spotting that continues for days, weeks, or months. After the first year of use, some women don't bleed at all. For some women, periods stop much earlier. Because Depo Provera decreases the amount of lining that builds up in the uterus, there's no shedding of that lining (menstruation).

After stopping Depo Provera, your period may return right away, or it may take up to 18 months for it to return. The average is 11 months.


Can depo provera cause spotting?

Everyone who goes on Depo Provera has changes in her bleeding. Some women bleed more, others bleed less. Some women don't have a period from the time of the first injection; for other women, periods will stop after two or four injections. Women on Depo Provera may have spotting (brown or red discharge) that goes on for days, weeks, or months. This spotting is not an indication of pregnancy or a sign that Depo Provera is not effective, as long as you've gotten your injection on time.

Spotting can also be a sign of infection. If you have not been tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia, talk to your health care provider about whether you should be tested.

i was pregnant like 100 times and i loved it! anyway, yes! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The same thing happened to me. I spotted lightly for the entire three months of my first depo shot. Fortunately after my next shot, the spotting stopped. My sister had the same experience.

Your doctor should have explained that you may have irregular spotting/bleeding during the first 3-6 months on the shot. The brown spotting is normal and should go away soon. :)

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Is it normal for children to begin crying after being dropped off at school after three months without crying at all when they are dropped off?

Children cry when they are distressed. They become distressed when they are frustrated in achieving what they need or want. Your children are distressed and most children are at some stage. This can happen if they are refused a treat that they would normally be able to have, or more seriously when they feel frightened and insecure.

The difficult job of a parent is to be able to ensure that a child meets and deals with necessary frustrations as part of his development, but also that he is protected from unnecessary stress, such as bullying abuse and neglect.

Difficulties at home can cause anxiety and insecurity, making separation from a parent more distressing. Also one child's distress and your attentive response may make the behaviour appear a useful attention gaining strategy for the other. Or the second child may be distressed at his brother's and I am sure, your own distress.

If you are concerned about what is happening in the Nursery School environment, insist that your concerns are addressed. A good nursery should be able to tell you more about your children's behaviour,likes and dislikes and how they get along with others.

Each child is an individual and responds differently. Teach them to express difficult feelings as well as good ones and reassure them that you accept them no matter what.

Set boundaries on behaviours by all means but expressions of distress are beyond a nursery school child's abilities

AnswerIf child begins to cry after a period of no crying it is normal. This is called reapproachment, also known as separation anxiety. The child has realized that he/she is alone and is his/her own person. This causes them to want to reconnect with their caregiver because they are afraid. All they need is refueling. This concept is Margarette Mahlers, so if you have any more questions about it, research her some more. AnswerMy two year old had been going to the same babysitter since she was born. For some reason, when she turned two she would cry every time I dropped her off. I thought the same thing - that this is normal and every kid does this. After two weeks of this my mothery instinct I guess you can call it said something was wrong. She knew the way to the sitters house and would start crying 1/2 mile before we would get there. I asked her all the normal questions like "do you get in trouble", "are the other kids bothering you", "do you like the babysitter"? To everything she said no. I pulled her out of that sitters and put her in a daycare. She cried twice and then never again. I do believe it is normal for children to cry and have separation anxiety but just remember you're the mom, you know your child the best and if instinct tells you something is wrong, switch daycares. AnswerIf a child started behaving as mentioned, I would feel that I wasn't being a good parent if I didn't investigate the possibiliy that the child was facing some form of abuse, even if only from another child. Experience has proven the accuracy of my theory. Assume nothing, and find out the facts. You owe it to your child. AnswerIt is normal if there has been a change in the house, whether big or small. The child is probably just expressing his need for his parents, which all kids do. Make sure you emphasize how much fun school is! Also, make sure you go in and speak to the teacher and see how your child interacts with other kids. If he/she doesn't make friends easily, maybe try to organize a playdate with a kid in the class on a weekend. This may ease the anxiety and make your child feel like he has an ally at school. Good luck. AnswerIf the child has been tear free for 3 months and happy, I would first suspect that something or someone at school is worrying him/her and making them unhappy. Talk to the child gently to try and find out why exactly he/she is upset now. If necessary ask the teachers if they can identify any possible causes. AnswerI remember being in first grade - I cried almost the whole day of school. My teacher would hold me in her lap and just rest me there....but i really don't know why i cried every single day. and then my mom used to walk me and my brother to school everyday and then one day she wanted us to walk by ourselves and i cried and ran home i didnt want to walk without my mom to school...i think i had or do have separation anxiety but it was just weird. AnswerI would consider what the situations are both at school and at anything happening that could create anxiety for your child? And remember, children are very intuitive and react emotionally to things that we as adults may not take much notice of. You don't mention how old your children are, but talking with them usually helps.

Does Zoloft affect Depo-Provera?

I am on the depo shot and have been taking zoloft for years. It doesn't effect anything with the birth control!
There are no known drug interactions between Zoloft and Depo Provera.


How can you get depo-provera out of your system?

I've read on the internet on some health website that pumpkin seed may help. I'm also someone that's struggling to get the Depot out of my system and started eating Pumpkin seeds about two weeks ago. I hope it will help!!!

I also read on the internet that pumpkin seeds may help. I had not had a period for 12 months and my weight ballooned. I decided to give it a try and purchased pumpkin seeds, almond kernels and dried goji berries. Not sure if these were the reason, but 24 hours later I got my period. Thank you god!!!

You stop getting injections. The Depo is out of your system in about 14-16 weeks. You may be able to get pregnant right away, or return of fertility may be delayed up to 18 months (the average is 9-11 months).

Unfortunatley there is nothing you can do; depo provera is not recommended to women looking to get pregnant in the near future for this very reason. The injection cannot be removed from your system. Of course once you stop taking the injection your fertility should begin to return to normal, though this can take up to a year. In the meantime, keeping yourself healthy and working on your most fertile times of the month are the best things you can be doing!

hi im currently on the depo injection and have 3 weeks left after i run out im not haven anymore me and my partner have decided to try for a family how long would it take me to get my periods back to normal as every injection i have had ive bled with and would it take me long to concieve??

with thanks charlie

Plenty of water intake. I have heard of the drinking a lot of water. It is the ultimate body cleanser. I'm trying that. We will see what happens and how soon I become regular again.

It can take almost an year. I was on depo provera since end of June last year and upto now, I have not conceived and I have been active as always. I actually had to see my Gyna so that he can reverse the action.

Well there are many herbs which are available to have the natural healing properties, just refer to a natural healing herb sites online which will let u know in depth knowledge about Healing Herbs.

I have been on the depo shot since 2003 and now 2005 me and my husband have decided to have another child, and the doctor told me it can take up to a year or more to get pregnant. She said you have to let the needle wear off which can take up to 9 months or more I'm finding it extremly difficult to get pregnant now, when with my son i got pregnant within a month. The depo needle is definitely not something a woman should take if she plans on having kids, take this needle when your done having children, and it does have side effects which follow you around. Since i been off the needle i have been having cramps in my arms, headaches, and i feel sick at times. My doctor also told me that it is most best to wait until you get your period back after the shot, and i did read in something, but i can't match where, but if you take folic acid it can help really regulate your body before and after pregnancy. you out a bit and good luck!


A preconception detox can be done in many ways. Infrared saunas are a good way to eliminate heavy metals. Women need at least 100 hours.

Another way is to use a herbal detox that will support the liver in eliminating excess hormones and help balance them.

Vitex is another great herbal remedy that helps bring on menstrual cycle after giving birth.


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