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go to windows .com it has all the information

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Is the BIOS the operating System for Windows Vista?

Hell no. the bios sits under the operating system (vista is an operating system) the bios is independent of operating systems, and is there the operating system.

If you are using Windows Vista what operating system are you probably using?

Windows Vista is the operating system.

Does Microsoft Windows Vista offers the Mozilla Firefox web browser?

Firefox does not come stock with a windows operating system. However, you do have the ability to download it.

What other operating system can you run with vista?

You can dual-boot virtually any operating system with Vista.

What is full form of vista operating system?

Windows Vista

What kind of software is Windows Vista?

Windows Vista is an operating system.

What is Windows Vista anyway?

Windows Vista is an operating system. It is the latest in Microsofts' series of windows operating systems.

Microsoft Vista is an application that you load onto your PC after an operating system has already been installed?

no, vista is an operating system, you can upgrade older versions to vista but it is a version of windows OS

What is the worst Microsoft operating system?


Is window vista old?

no! Window vista is still a new operating system.

Is Windows Vista a good operating system?


What is microsoft's newest operating system called?


What are three operating system?

XP, Vista and 7.

What Operating system is in Sony Vaio?

Mine had Vista.

What are some common complaints about the Windows Vista operating system?

Windows Vista is an old operating system, as such it is slow, eats up a lot of memory and is bound to crash.

What is the difference between Windows 98 and Windows Vista?

windows 98 old operating system windows vista new operation system don't compare this operating system eg: your a windows vista your grand father windows 98

What does Vista in the operating system Windows Vista mean?

Vista is Italian for "view" or "see." For example, "Asta la vista, baby!" means "See you later, baby!" Solution: Windows vista means operating system it is upgraded version of windows xp. development by microsoft.

Is there any latest version operating system called Vista?

Yes it's called Microsoft Windows Vista but...... There is a newer operating system called Microsoft Windows 7.

What Vista operating system supports advanced multimedia functions?

Windows Vista Home Premium

Where can one purchase Windows Vista computers?

Window Vista is an operating system used on desktop and laptop computers. Windows Vista computers are computers that are compatible with the Windows Vista operating system. It is possible to purchase Windows Vista computers from any computer retailer, such as PC World or Currys.

Which is the latest Operating System released recently?

for windows its vista

Which popular operating system did Windows Vista replace?


Aero is a feature of what operating system?

Windows Vista Ultimate

What operating system came out after Windows Vista?

windows 7

How window vista is better then other operating system?

It's not.