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you need gcse science and gcse in sports science (sports studies) you can do Psychology.

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โˆ™ 2009-06-05 13:21:34
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Q: I want to be a pe teacher what qualifications do you need as im taking nation diplomer in sport the big course and do you definatly need gcse science or can you just take A level psychology?
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Why social psychology is a science and not psychology?

All psychology is a science.

Why science related to psychology?

Science means a study of something. Psychology is a study of the brain and behaviors. Psychology is science.

Is psychology an applied science?

yes of course psychology as an applied science

Contemporary psychology is best defined as the science of?

Contemporary psychology is best defined as the science of

What is the differences between psychology and other science?

Psychology is considered to be a science. Psychology unlike usually thought of sciences is a social science and is about studying the mind.

What is the difference between psychology as a natural science and social science?

Psychology IS a social science, or, as some of these " sciences " fancy themselves, a behavioral science. Psychology is too incoherent and devoid of scientific methodology to be a natural science.

Why is psychology not yet a complete science?

"Complete science?" It's not science at all.

What is the relationship of psychology and sciences?

psychology is a type of science. psychology is the study of the mind. many scientists say psychology is separate but it's still a form of science

What is the relationship between political science and psychology?

What is the relationship between political science and psychology

How does an appreciation of individuality enhance the science of psychology?

How does an appreciation of individuality enhance science of psychology

Why is psychology consider a science?

Psychology is a science because it is systematic and is dependent upon measurement.

Why do people dismiss psychology as a science?

People dismiss psychology as a science since it really isn't the natural term for 'science'. The common person views science as having to do with facts, and the world around us, and not mental behavior. Since psychology doesn't fit the popular definition of science, most people dismiss psychology as a science.

How do you differentiate psychology as traditional belief and psychology as a science?

Psychology as a traditional belief is base on traditions and supertitions while Psychology as a science uses measurement techniques to study sensation.

To what extend is social psychology a science?

because, psychology is the science of behaviour in how it relates to brain activity.

When did Psychology become an independent branch of science?

year when Psychology became an independent branch of science?

When did psychology become a science?

Psychology became a science many years ago. It is a science that is less that two hundred years in age.

Is psychology a science?

yes psychology is an applied science.Yes, psychology is a social science. It is the study of the mind and behavior. Any word ending in -ology are considered sciences such as biology and sociology.

How is science used in psychology?

Psychology creates and tests hypotheses like any other type of science.

Is psychology a natural science?

No, it is social science.

Explain how Psychology can be both a science and a profession?

They are unrelated. You can have a career as a psychologist and you can also study psychology as a science. A science and a profession have nothing to do with each other.

Is psychology a social science or natural science?

Psychology deals with both neurobiology and social behaviors. For this reason, it can be included in both soical and natural science.

Branch of science that deals with the study of psychology?

Psychology is studied as a branch of science of its' own. It is the study of the mind and its' processes.

Which branch of science is not included in physicacl science?


Is the study of pyscology a study in science?

The study of psychology is a study in science. Psychology is the study of human behavior from a scientific perspective.

How is psychology a science?

Psychology is the study of the human mind. It's a science because you can analyze and predict the outcomes of mental processes.