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There are a few schools that will take a 3.0 GPA and have vet tech and bachelors. You can try going to Brown Mackie College or try getting into Vet Tech Institute.


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It depends on the school and what the degree is you are trying to obtain. Tuition costs are any where from 200-300 for each course. Online classes are the same cost as on campus.

No a bachelors degree is only required for the higher paying positions in accounting. However it will be required if you are trying to open up your own office.

There are typically two degrees offered when trying to accomplish an RN degree. There is an Associate Degree and a Bachelor's degree. For an Associate's Degree it typically takes about two year and for a Bachelors degree about four years.

The average amount of time it takes for a full-time student trying to earn a bachelors degree is 4 years.

If you are trying to get hired to a company, they will tell you what is required for their current job opening. Having a bachelors degree in education or teaching credentials will make it easier if you are trying to submit work to publishers.

You are trying to earn a degree so its called a degree.

The New York School Board was trying to institute policies in public schools. These policies would relegate African-American students to different schools.

no i cant yall anit trying to answer no questions

To become a lawyer in the US you must have a bachelors degree (four years of full-time study) and must then obtain a Doctor of Laws (LLD) degree (three years of full-time study). Trying to measure that in hours is a loosing battle, because the number of hours devoted to study varies widely from person to person.

I am assuming that you are trying to ask if "you" can get a degree from college if you have not completed the 12th grade. The answer is no "you" cannot.

I have been accepted to both for a major in Sociology (with Co-op) and I am trying to decide which would be better. The Waterloo opportunity is Arts and Business and UoTSC is Social Studies. Any insight on the schools (if you go there/know someone who does) would be helpful! THANKS!

No, unless you are 'trying' to. The sun usually leaves first degree, but if you use a magnifying glass, it can.

Probably, especially if your trying out for sports.

bachelors degree plus passing the bar exam (usually people go to law school, but if you can manage to pass the bar exam without going then you can be a lawyer, infact, if you can pass it without going to college you can be a lawyer, but that is like trying to be a doctor without going to college and med school.)

i dont know im trying to do the same :/

I think you do have to have a masters, but I'm trying to get an answer myself

Yes, provided the book store either wants the book you are trying to sell, or they know they will have a need for it.

It depends on what you are trying to say. Schools is plural, like: There are many schools in the district. School's is possessive, like: The school's auditorium has surprisingly good acoustics.

No you just need a high school diploma, Unless you are trying to join as an Officer then you would need a bachelor's degree

I am not sure, i am trying to figure out the same answer. Go on a different website.

Yes. Here are the people pushing for this change from DO to MD or MD,DO : Most of all of graduating DOs today. Most of all DOs had applied to MD schools 1st, followed by DO schools as backup. They wanted the MD. The Osteopathic Reform Group at AOA members at UNTHSC med school faculty Faculty associated with ---- As noted by the above author, some Osteopathic physicians in training and those who wanted to be an MD, but did not get accepted and went to Osteopathic medical school as a "backup" and now are not happy that they did not get the sacred "MD" after their name are now trying to back-door their way into the MD degree by demanding the degree be changed so they can be happy. There is no compelling reason to change the degree. Most Osteopathic physicians do not want it changed. The UNTHSC faculty did not want to change the degree. There was a discussion to add a separate MD class at the UNTHSC campus, much like UMDNJ and Michigan. This was not passed, and UNTHSC will remain a Osteopathic medical school, for now.

If you're trying to become a nurse the best place to start is A university and or college will be suggested based on the type of degree or program you'd like to complete. The site will also provide you with the top schools for completing such programs.

I am currently trying to find this answer myself, but my research has led me to only 53 MD/MBA programs in the US currently. I'm trying to find out how many total number of medical schools there are to compare. I hope this helps you somewhat.

yes there are, you just have to find ones close to your area if that is what you are trying to do. tak to local bull riders and stock contractors about where and possibly when these schools are

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