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Q: I want to identify my Calvin Klein Stainless Steel wrist watch?
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How do you identify stainless steel pan from aluminum pan?

stainless steel is magnetic

How can you identify a concave mirror and a convex mirror in a stainless steel spoon?

look at it

Can stainless steel be magnatized?

There is stainless steel and there is magnaized stainless steel but you can not make regular stainless steel magnetic

Are stainless steel in-ground pools durable?

steel is steel and there is nothing you can do about it even if it is stainless steel or it i not stainless steel it will rust

How to polish polish stainless steel appliances?

with stainless steel polish with stainless steel polish

How stainless steel become stainless?

Stainless steel becomes stainless when Chromium is added to steel. This makes it resistant to corrosion.

How can identify Mild steel and stainless steel?

steel it self means the carbon percentage and according to which we have to specify them. mild steel contain low C% nearly 0.3-0.6% is called mild steel. stainless steel having higher C%&Cr is added to not corde

Who is more costly mild steel or stainless steel?

stainless steel

Is stainless steel nonporous?

No, Stainless steel is not porous. Steel how ever is.

Why magnet does not attract stainless steel?

a magnet does not attract stainless steel because stainless steel has steel but without stains

How does stainless steel prevent rust?

Stainless steel because it does not have to be combined with oxygen is stainless. Becauseit is alloyed with chrome and stainless steel.

Can you weld steel to stainless steel?

Yep, you can weld steel to stainless and you can weld stainless to steel. You can use steel or stainless welding rod in either case but the steel or steel welding rod will of course rust.

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