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You have to find proof of one of the most serious things they have done to you and show them the evidence. If that doesn't work invite someone over so your parents can see by themselves.

There are several factors that you are not considering in this. One of the first is that you only have about 8 weeks left of the school year and it is too late to move. Second it is up to the school to accept you and they won't this late in the year. Finally, to move you have to have a transfer from the school you are in. Schools just don't let you pick up and move because you want to. The school will also question if you sought help for your problems and what was done if you did.

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Q: I want to switch schools and I can think of 15 reasons I should be allowed to and my parents can't think of any How can I convince them that everyone hates me and it's unfair that they won't let me?
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