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Yes. There is always a chance for pregnancy.

Yes. There is always a chance for pregnancy.

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A boy put his finger in your vagina can you get pregnat?

Not unless he recently ejaculated (or "came") on the finger before putting it into you, then no. Have fun!

What are your chances of getting pregnant if you put your Nuva ring in a week early?

Putting it in early does not increase your risk of pregnancy. Only putting it in late increases the risk of pregnancy.

Does putting up your legs after sex increase chances of pregnancy?

yes it does

Does only putting fingers in the vagina cause pregnancy?

No fingers do not have semen.

How the doctor come to know the pregnancy by put his finger in woman's vagina?

It is rare that a physician can diagnose pregnancy by putting a finger in a woman's vagina.

Can you get pregnant by putting a finger in your butt?

No you cant. To get pregnant 1 you have to be female 2 you have to be old enough to ovulate. 3 Sperm which is ejaculated from the penis of a male has to enter the vagina. That is the opening in front of the anus just under where the urine comes from. there is nothing in the "but hole" anus that can develop a baby nor is there anything a finger can do to start a pregnancy no mater where you put it.

Can pregnancy be affected by putting laptops near your tummy?

Not unless you want a deformed baby!

Can a girl get pregnant if you wipe all the sperm off before putting it back in?

Yes. As long as there is sperm pregnancy is possible.

Is there a heating pad safe for use on skin?

Yes. It is safe to use heating pad in pregnancy. But avoid putting it on abdomen.

How far in the pregnancy do you notice yourself putting on weight?

You should gain about 2-5 pounds in the first trimester and about a pound a week after that.

What causes stomache pain in pregnancy?

Well it may have something to do with the baby putting pressure on most of your internal organs. Maybe not, who knows.

What causes swollen and painful legs during pregnancy?

Water retention from the extra weight of the baby putting pressure on internal organs

When does your belly start getting big during pregnancy?

im a size 10-12 and do have a bit of a belly i found out i was pregnant 2 days ago but hav been putting on weight for more than a week around my thighs hips and belly im not sure how far i am into my pregnancy i would like to no if i am just putting on weight or it is down to me being pregnant

You are getting tenderness in your breasts and putting on weight and still having periods your boyfriend as ejaculated inside you a few times in the last few months could you be pregnant?

Not common but it has happened. Your first move should be a home preg test and then go see your Dr.

If you put a tampon in after having can yo still get pregnant?

Tampons have no bearing on pregnancy. They're not contraceptives. Putting on a condom before have sex or using some other barrier method before having sex works. Putting something in afterwards doesn't.

What is the most gratifying sexual position during pregnancy?

I found when I was pregnant the most pleasurable sexual position was for me to lie in an L shape with my husband entering from behind. it means that you aren't putting any pressure on your bump and is especially good for longer term pregnancy.

What are some causes of pregnancy-induced high blood pressure?

A woman in pregnancy has a lot going on in her body. The baby is feeding off her and putting pressure on her various systems which can lead to high blood pressure. Also the weight gain which is natural can have this effect.

Can putting things in your vagina make you pregnant?

Pregnancy requires that a sperm cell come into contact with an egg. So if the "something" has sperm on, or in it, you can get pregnant. Otherwise, no -- no sperm, no fetus.

Can girls get pregnant from preejaculant?

Theoretically yes. There are can be some sperm in pre-ejaculant. But pregnancy is the least of your worries. If you are putting pre-ejaculant there, you are risking all the STD's. (This answer was provided by a doctor)

Can you put the birth control patch on two days early and still be protected?

Yes, putting on the patch after five patch-free days will decrease, not increase, your risk of pregnancy.

Is it normal that putting weight in first week of pregnancy?

The first week of pregnancy is technically the week your menstrual period, you technically have not even conceived yet! By the time you actually conceive you are about 2 weeks pregnant! (weird I know!). But you should gain about 2-3 pounds the first trimester.

What causes the cervix to hurt in early pregnancy?

Cervix can be more tender in Pregnancy. So any exams or sex could cause discomfort. If you are ready to deliver it could be the baby putting pressure on the cervix or dilation. Hard to say not knowing anymore details. When in doubt call your ob. mom of 2

What happens in the Second trimester of pregnancy?

Basically your fetus is growing now and putting on weight. Your blood volume increases due to the baby and you may notice that your blood pressure is lower than normal.

Does NuvaRing cause temporary infertility?

I suppose that "birth control" could also be called "temporary infertility," but that's not a common way of putting it. NuvaRing prevents pregnancy. When you stop, fertility returns.

What is the likely hood of getting pregnant while using a condom that didn't break and only putting the penis in a couple of times?

If he had a condom on that was in good condition he would not be able to get you pregnant even if he ejaculated while within you. You see the condom is a barrier that stops semen bearing sperm from entering your vagina, uterus and onto the ovum when it is there,