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It translates as "I love you so much and you are mine".

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Q: Ich liebe dich so sehr und du bist mein?
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Liebe dich mein schatz und vermisse dich sehr?

Depending on capitalization, your question can give one of two translations:Ich liebe sie - I love themIch liebe Sie - I love you (formal)

How do you say i love you much in German?

Ich liebe Dich sehrorIch habe Dich sehr lieb

How do you say you are special to me too in German?

Precious treasure is kostbarer Schatz in German.

What does 'Ich liebe das Leben' mean in English?

Ich liebe dich so sehr = I love you so much

How do you say you are my everything in Swiss German?

'You are my everything' in German is 'du bist mein Ein und Alles'.

How do you say i love you so much in German?

Adore can be translated as anbeten or verehren so the sentence would translate as:Ich bete Dich/Sie anIch verehre Dich/Sie

What does du bist sehr videnhien?

du bist sehr ... - you are very ... videnhien is not a German word, nor is it close to one.

I miss you translate in German language?

I miss you loads = Ich vermisse dich sehr I miss you loads = Du fehlst mir sehr

How do you say 'With much love' in German?

"Mit viele Liebe" is the translation and the normal term used by the German population."Mit ganz viel Liebe" translates as "with very much love" which is also in common usage."Mit grosse Liebe" means "with great love." (a phrase that is rarely used.)This is only used in a context such as (with great love he nursed his sick dog back to health).Where as "Meine grosse liebe" means "the love of my life"

Das ist sehr gut ich liebe?

Das ist sehr gut, ich liebe = That is very good, I love

How do you say you are very mean in German?

Du bist sehr böse.

Ist es kalt?

ja, es bist sehr kalt.