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Communication between the CPU and the RAM and PCI Express slots

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Q: Identify the functions of the Northbridge and Southbridge chipsets on a motherboard?
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If you are asked to identify the form factor of a motherboard what are two criteria you can use to help you identify the board?

Size of the motherboard and connectors on the back of the motherboard

What is the difference between chipset and original motherboard?

Your question isn't exactly direct... The chipset is the component that basically makes up your motherboard.. Its divided into 2 main parts.. First you have your NorthBridge (controls most primary functions) and your Southbridge (the left over good'ins) Your chipset carries a very common name im sure such as Intel 815G 865G 925x 915G : AMD (no longer making chipsets) Usually with an AMD setup you will have a 3rd party chipset such as VIAK8T800 or VIA KM-266.. Among the more popular AMD compatible chipsets are by nVidia such as Nforce 2 etc... I hope this helps you further identify what a chipset actually is and to further your knowledge of computer components!!By |-|3x@|_07Answer

How do identify p2 motherboard?

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How do you identify a motherboard in my laptop?

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If you are asked to identify the form factor of a motherboard what are the two criteria you can use to help you identify the board?

board size and expansion slots

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How do you identify a P4 motherboard?

Well, one way is to read the model number on the board, and check the specifications for that particular board.

How can you determine the chip set on your motherboard especially if it is not printed on the Chipset or the board?

you can use software to identify the hardware onboard (such as cpuz)

Using your own or a lab computer pretend that the motherboard manual is not available and you need to know the settings for the jumpers on the motherboard Identify the manufacturer and model num?

The Manuafacturer should be labeled someone on the motherboard. The model number is generallly wrote to the right of the CPU and to the left of the memory vertically.

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