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* NAS (network addressible storage) and network video cameras * Scanner * Security systems * Many modern consumer electronice are becoming networkable. You can now do things like regulate the heating and lighting in your home remotely through devices connected to your PC or LAN. # Mouse # Printer # Scanner

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2008-10-27 05:25:19
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Q: Identify two peripherals other than printers that could be connected to the LAN?
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What is a multifunction peripherals?

All-in-one printers could fall under this category. Copies, scans, prints, and faxes

Are peripherals input or output?

They could be either or both, depending on their purpose.

What other ports on the PC are not being used?

The unused ports on your Personal Computer are dependant on the types of ports available on the computer and the type of peripherals connected. A typical desktop computer could have the following ports occupied:VGA or DVI for displayEthernet for networkingUSB for most peripherals, such as keyboard, mouse, webcam, connection cables2.5mm jack for audioThe other ports would remain unused until something requiring them is connected, and they vary greatly depending on the type of computer.

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You could try but I doubt that it would work. First thing, most printers are not connected and second, they don't have any paper or ink cartridges in them.

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Poster printers are large scale printers used to make large, wall sized posters. Poster printers are available with the larger companies like Xerox and Hewlett-Packard.

What is a collection of computers and peripherals that are connected together to share hardware software and data called?

Simple answer is a network, in which it is connected together via network cables, switches, hubs and/or routers. Another possible answer ( due to the broad scope of the description ) could be a server farm, failover cluster, or computer cluster. Each of which would need to researched separately.

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Canon compatible cartridges cannot be used in HP brand printers. Each printer manufacturer has a proprietary design that fits their own line of printers.

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What are computer peripheals?

Computer peripherals are external parts of a computer that are not integrated as a part of the computer itself. They are things that you do not need to have to make a computer run and are often connected by a cord.(Examples of Peripheral Devices Below)They KeyboardThe mouseThe screenA printerEven an external Hard-drive could be counted as a peripheral.

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