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Idenyify the elements in the compound NaCL?

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Sodium chloride contain sodium and chlorine.

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Is 2Na Cl2 two elements or a compound?

Na and Cl are chemical elements; NaCl is a chemical compound.

What is compound and a example?

compound contains elements in a fixed proportion. Example= NaCl

Is NaCl a binary molecular compound?

it is a ionic compound so i beleve noNaCl is sodium chloride; which is a binary compound because it is composed from two elements.

What is the compounds in Na Cl?

There ARE no compounds in NaCl. A compound is comprised of 2 or more elements. NaCl is a compound itself, compromised of 2 elements, Na (Sodium) and Cl (Chlorine).

Are Fe and NaCL elements or compounds?

Fe is the element iron and NaCl is the compound sodium chloride.

What elements are in the compound nacl?

Sodium (NA) and Chlorine (CL)

Compound with two types of elements?

For example: NaCl, KCl, HCl.

Is salt an element a compound a solution or heterogeneous mixture?

salt or NaCl is a compound that contains two elements

What elements found in the compound NaCl?

Sodium chloride contain sodium and chlorine.

Is a salt a compound or mixture?

compound, its two elements mixed together, sodium and chloride, chem symbol NaCl

Is NaCl insoluble in water?

NaCl is a soluble compound because salts with Group I elements are soluble as well as halide salts (Cl).

Is h2 so4 a binary ionic compound?

No. Bianry compounds contain exactly two elements, an example is NaCl. H2SO4 has three elements and is a ternary compound.

Is NaCl a element or an compound?

NaCl is an ionic compound. NaCl is sodium chloride.

Why is table salt considered to be a compound?

A compound is a substance consisting of two or more elements. Table salt, NaCl, includes the elements of Sodium (Na) and Chlorine (Cl). Therefore, it consists of two elements, making it a compound.

A compound composed of two oppositely charged elements?

salts, such as NaCl (sodium chloride).

Is NaCI a compound or a mixture?

Compound- two or more elements bonded to each other in definite proportions NaCl is a compund

How do you write a formula for a compound with two elements?

Start with the symbols for the 2 elements, such as sodium (Na) and Chlorine (Cl) that combine to form the compound NaCl (table salt)

What is the Atomic no of NaCl?

The is no atomic number for NaCl (sodium chloride) as it is a compound and atomic nuber applies to elements. NaCl is made of the two elements sodium and chlorine. Sodium's atomic number is 11. Chlorine's atomic number is 17.

What is the chemical compound for salt?

NaClNaClit is an inoic compound

Is NaCl a ionic compound or molecule?

NaCl is an ionic compound.

Is salt an element compound or mixtrue?

Salt is a compound: NaCl is made up of two different elements, chemically bonded together.

The compound salt is made up of what elements?

Salt is NaCl, so its made of Sodium and Chorine.

Are saltssuch as sodium chloride pure elements?

Sodium chloride (NaCl) is chemical compound not an element.

Does NaCl contain properties of sodium?

A compound has another properties than the elements contained in the formula.

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