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Q: If a fruit fly has a haploid number of 8 chromosomes, what is it's diploid number?
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If a fruit fly has a somatic cell diploid number of 8 chromosomes its egg cell contains how many chromosomes?

Egg cells are haploid, they have half the diploid number of chromosomes, i.e. 4 in this case.

A fruit fly has diploid cells with 8 chromosomes Explain how many chromosomes are in its haploid gametes?

4 because haploid cells have 2 copies of each chromosome and diploid have half of haploid

What is 2n in cytoplasm?

2n in cytoplasm refers to the diploid number of chromosomes in a cell. Diploid means that two sets of chromosomes are present in the cytoplasm. In humans the diploid number is 46 chromosomes. This means that in human cells the 2n in cytoplasm is 46. In other organisms the 2n in cytoplasm can vary. For example: In fruit flies the 2n in cytoplasm is 8. In nematodes the 2n in cytoplasm is 6. In wheat the 2n in cytoplasm is 42.The 2n in cytoplasm can be used to distinguish between haploid and diploid organisms. Haploid organisms such as yeast have only a single set of chromosomes in the cytoplasm. Diploid organisms such as humans have two sets of chromosomes in the cytoplasm.

What is the haploid number in a fruit fly?

the haploid number of a fruit fly is 4

Diploid cells of the fruit fly Drosophila have 8 chromosomes How many chromosomes does a Drosophila gamete have?


Most cells in the body of a fruit fly contains eight chromosomes How many of these chromosomes were contributed by each parent of the fruit fly?

Four each.If an organism is diploid, its cells contain two sets of chromosomes, one set from each parent. The fruit fly (Drosophila) is diploid.

What is the diploid number of the fruit fly?

a fruit fly has 4 pairs of chromosomes in every cell apart from gametes and usual exceptions.. red blood cells (no nucleus) etc

What are the haploid number of the fruit fly?


Haploid number of a fruit fly?

444 that my awswer

Is the chromosomes number related to complexity of the organism?

Different creatures have different numbers of chromosomes; chromosomes are always diploid, or found in matching pairs. The number of chromosomes is in no way related to the complexity of the organism. For instance, fruit flies have eight chromosomes, humans have forty-six, butterflies have 380, and ferns have a remarkable 1200 chromosomes.

What is a polypoid organism?

an organism with more sets of chromosomes than is natural. IE a fruit is supposed to be diploid (2n), however some flies might gain another set of chromosomes to make it triploid (3n).

How many chromosomes do fruit flies have?

a fruit fly has 4 pairs of chromosomes

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