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I would develop memory so we could learn a language easily

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Which person disappeared after the murder of sir danvers carew

What instrument was used to murder Sir Danvers Carew

The author creates this mood in his description of the relationship between Dr. Jekyll and Dr Lanyon

What mood does the author create in his description of the rooms in Mr Hyde's home

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Q: If you could remodel the human body, what would you change and why How does that change help improve humans?
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What local contractors could help me with a bathroom remodel?

I am looking to do a bathroom remodel and was wondering what contractors and services are available in my area?

What is a sentence for incorrigible?

No one could change or improve the girl's incorrigible behavior.

Which action by humans could improve the quality of the air?

bying cars that get more miles per gallon of gasoline

How much and how long would a typical home office remodel take?

A typical remodel could be done in a few weeks if there is no structural work. The cost could be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

How do you answer 'describe when you have acted to improve change or developed something?

When you are asked to describe when you have acted to improve change or developed something, you need to be honest. Find an incidence where you initiated change. This could be at work, at home or any other relevant place.

What could have been responsible for the change in amino acid from gorillas to humans?

The proteins in the amino-acids might have been responsible for the change in the hemoglobin between gorillas and humans.

List three ways that DNA technology could be used to improve the lives of humans?

1. Identify humans 2. Identify human remains 3. Trace human origins

How would a biologist help improve a tennis players performance?

A biologist could study the tennis players performance and think of ways to improve their performance. Because they study living things, such as humans... they can suggest ways tennis players can improve.

What could cause a habitat change?

Pollution, flooding, entense heat or cold, or humans cutting down the plants and killing the animals could cause a habitat change.

need estimates on remodel project and repairs?

What are you trying to remodel? Are you wanting to remodel your whole house or just a few of the rooms? It depends on the size and what type of materials you want to use. hi you could go on my website and you can contact me through there for estimates of advice. i do have the best prices. thank you

What can cause your understanding of science to change?

Education can cause your understanding of science to change (and, hopefully, to improve). Alzheimer's disease could cause it to deteriorate. Such is life.

What could humans change in the arctic tundra?

if they got their face bitte off by a polar bear

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