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Who is known as the first African American scientist

Which scientist used mathematical knowledge to calculate the exact measurement of the meter

Who is recognized as one of the greatest physicists of all time

Which scientist used his knowledge of astronomy to publish a popular almanac

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Q: If you were Helen’s Knowledge Engineer, what would you advise her to do as a Knowledge Worker?
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When and how a social care worker should get advice about confidentiality?

a social care worker can get advise from her company or her manger about confidentiallity

What is a career who gives advise and guidance to a family or person?

a social worker or counciller

Who could you go to for advise on improving your skills and knowledge?

a teacher

Should you major in predictive analytics or software engineer?

We know nothing about you and cannot advise on such matters

Which professionals might be involved in designing a house?

There are a number of professionals who would be involved in designing a house. These include an architect to draw up the detailed plans, a ground works engineer to advise of the suitability of the land for building, an environmental impact engineer to advise on environmental issues and an interior desiginer to design the interior layout.

What are the contribution of knowledge in office activities?

If you have knowledge of the entire office and what is going on, then you are better able to handle your job and advise other people on theirs. It gives you insight into who and what to avoid.

How do you locate a freon leak in a refrigerator?

As this is not a "Do-It-Yourself" kind of job, the best advice anyone can give to you is to call a licensed Heating and Ventilation engineer to advise you.

What are the conditions for a US citizen to get his fiance a visa to visit him in the USA?

I advise you for haring a good travel guide who has vast knowledge about travel.

How do you treat a ill bearded dragon?

Take it too a vet that knows plenty about reptiles to diagnose it/ get advise or medication. But be careful because some vets can do worse as they have little knowledge on reptiles. Or you can get a book about bearded dragons for advise.

What steps should be taken for enter international market?

clear market knowledge, legal and tax advise, best all pulled together in a business plan and language as well as customs knowledge should be acquired.

Where would I find information on creating a basement addition to my house?

The best place to get information about creating a basement addition in a home is a Structural Engineer. An engineer will be able to advise you what options are available, based on the existing structure of the house. Then one will need to meet with a contractor to discuss the plans and price.

Why is your role as an aged care worker so important?

Your role with professional care workers is to inform, advise, recommend, Care is individualised, so that it meets the needs of the resident, their family.

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