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I would give up. But I have a ? for you. Why do you want to know?

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Chloe Hansen

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โˆ™ 2021-11-29 19:11:22
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โˆ™ 2021-12-06 17:03:14
I want to know because it would be very interesting if some one would be able to figure it out.
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start swimming and find land first then look for clean water to drink.

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Q: If you were stranded in the sea what would you do?
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If you were stranded at 0 degree latitude and 140 degrees E longitude where would you be located?

You would be at the indonesia sea.

If you were stranded 0 degrees latitude and 140 degrees longitude where would you be?

technically sea but near Indonesia

What are the release dates for Sea Rescue - 2012 Stranded - 1.1?

Sea Rescue - 2012 Stranded - 1.1 was released on: USA: 7 April 2012

Is there really some people who are stranded on remote isles?

And how would we know iff they was stranded on remote isles, iff we knew about it, they would not be stranded because we would off rescued them.

What would Chuck Noland have done with Wilson if he had not lost his volleyball at sea in 'Castaway'?

He would have brought it back with him and kept it as a souvenir from his days of being stranded on the island.

If you were stranded at 0 degree latitude and 140 latitude east where would you be located?

You would be stranded indeed, at sea, about 183 miles north of the Indonesian city of Jayapura on the north coast of the island of New Guinea. And by the way, the "140 degrees east" coordinate is your "longitude".

What do you do in Club Penguin when you are stranded?

stranded where? stranded where? stranded where?

What are benefits of killing sea turtles?

they give you meat and help you survive of you are stranded on an island

When might DNA be single stranded?

It would be single stranded when it has been synthetically made like a probe.

What should you do if stranded at sea?

Stranded at sea is rather general. Stranded in a lifeboat? Water, shelter from the sun and weather, is the main priority. It is possible to survive a long time without food - move as little as possible to save energy. Lack of water is more important. Collecting and storing rain water is vital.

Can you make a sentence using the word land?

if in the situation you have been stranded out at sea you can say. LAND!

What can you drink if stranded at sea?

Rain water, distilled water, or whatever you happen to have on your boat or surface.

What would you call a person stranded on an island?

A castaway.

How do you strip insulation off stranded wire?

You would use a set of wire strippers made for stranded wire and proper size. If the strippers are made for stranded and solid make sure you use the size identifications for stranded not solid!

If slave Leia escaped from the sail barge would she be stranded in the desert considering she had no communications device on her?

The answer is yes, if Leia escaped from the barge she would be stranded in the desert.

If you were stranded can you light a match on the moon?

why would you be stranded on the moon? Are you chinese? no because there is almost no atmosphere to keep fire going.

How can drinking sea water be bad for you?

YES it is sea water is salt water. It your on a boat stranded at sea you can get really dehydrated if you drink sea water it speed up your system to die so it is bad for you.

Is DNA single-stranded or double stranded?

Double stranded

Would it be a good idea for someone stranded at sea to drink ocean water which is very salty too stay alive?

No. salt water just dehydrates you even more.

Who would you like to be stranded on a desert island with?

Sienna Miller

Is DNA 2 stranded or single stranded?

DNA is double-stranded.

How would one maintain personal hygiene when stranded on an island?

It depends what you mean- you can swim in the sea or lakes and rivers on the island- but otherwise there is not much else you can do unless you bring loads of stuff

What do do if you are stranded on an island?

what do do if you are stranded on an island?

What would you make a house out of in the desert if you was stranded?

i would make it out of stone because it is hard

What would you eat if you were stranded in Antarctica?

Your only option would be to consume the food you brought with you.