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if you dont know this answer your crazy

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42.16.3 whats of gold?

The "14K" indicates that the gold content is 14 karat - or about 58% gold with the remaining 42% comprised of other metals. The CC, in this case, is more than likely a maker's mark, or a craftsman's "signature."

Gold is worth $42 dollars per gram inas of July 2014. The rate of gold coins vary according to the mint date.

It depends on the Karat weight. 18K white gold is 75% gold and 25% alloy, 14K white gold is 58% gold and 42% alloy, 9K white gold is 32% gold and 68% alloy. White and yellow gold have exactly the same gold content. The only difference is the alloy mixed with the gold. White gold is usually yellow gold mixed with silver, palladium or nickel.

The density of gold is the density of gold, no matter where its used. In jewelry most gold is mixed with copper and the percent mixture is given by 24K (100% pure gold); 18K (75% pure gold); 14K (58% pure gold); 10K (42% pure gold); etc. To know the amount of gold in a piece of jewelry you have to first get its weight then multiply by which ever K percentage applies. Necklaces can be solid like a ring ,but some times they are hollow inside so they look heavier then they really are. When you weigh it you find out. Also, both rings & necklaces can be gold plated. This is such a thin coating of gold that the gold value is insignificant. The difference between real K gold and gold plated can sometimes be found stamped on the jewelry, otherwise it has to be tested with acid.

Gold value changes daily just like stock values. As of July 07, 2014 the value of 1 gram of gold is $42. 27.

with gold at say 1200 dollars per ounce, and 14 ounces per pound, 2500x14x1200=42 000 000 dollars

Solid Gold - 1980 5-42 was released on: USA: 20 July 1985

There is a .10 ounce (smaller than a dime) worth about $80. There is a .42 ounce worth about$360-$380....and a 1.3 ounce worth about $1,050 -$1100. (that I know of) These are estimates. The gold market changes by the minute. And coin and gold dealers always pay less in order to make $ themselves. Hope I helped a little.

It's about 42% gold, by weight.

No, it's only about 42% gold. Pure gold is 24 karat gold.

58% pure Gold and 42% Copper.

Well a 42 cent stamp is worth 42 cents. There is no mark up on stamps. They cost face value.

Ryhorn evolves at lvl 42 :)

you get hm strength from a hiker on route 42

Conan - 2010 The Man Who Got His Money's Worth at Starbucks 2-42 was released on: USA: 31 January 2012 Finland: 8 February 2012

42 Logic = Stupid Question = Stupid Answer

This is equal to 42 cents.

$10.50 4 quarters make a dollar, so divide 42 by 4 and you will get 10 remainder 2.

Great Britain won 42 gold medals in 2008 Paralympic games.

they won 42 gold medals and hope to achieve more in London Games

Solvent: gold(58%) Solute: copper(42)

.15 to $3. If its PF-63(proof) its worth $42